Despite PAPUBA not being offered as a minimester, Mr. Day already had some "schooling" planned. Photo: Conor Pelletier
Despite PAPUBA not being offered as a minimester, Mr. Day already had some “schooling” planned. Photo: Conor Pelletier

The start of the new semester brings new challenges and opportunities: spring sports tryouts, a new beginning for academics and, of course, the famous minimesters. These week-long classes, conjured by Science Department Chair Jonathan Day, give students a break from their usual science classes and introduces them to interesting, new topics of study. Student favorites from the past include a bridge building class taught by Dr. Pearson, a climate change course led by Mr. Sandoe and the classic ornithology class with trips to the Pace Swamp with Mr. Ballard. However, this year promises to be the best in minimester history.

“There is always excitement when minimesters come around,” said Mr. Day. The minimester courses are not intended to be a typical science class and the use of experiments, outdoor activities and hands-on learning are more encouraged than monotonous lectures. In the midst of beginning second semester, rife with the stress of Spirit Week, minimesters offer a stress-less start to the new year. There will be new minimesters this year along with some favorites from years past.

Once limited to only the science department, the minimester program has now expanded and moved into other departments. “We have at least five non-science faculty members doing a minimester this year,” said Mr. Day. “Some new ones to watch for are two music-related classes, one with Mr. Pitts on music and the brain and one on songwriting with Mr. Player. Also, Mr. Sokolsky is doing one on motorcycles and engines. (No, you won’t get to ride one – too much liability!)”

PAPUBA will not have its own minimester this year. “Unfortunately, due to league by-laws and certain franchising rights, PAPUBA will not be offered as a minimester,” said Mr. Day. “If it were, Mr. Smith would certainly be the teacher. (I am not the greatest teacher of the passing game.)”  However, Mr. Sandoe will be teaching a minimester on football. Although it is not the same as PAPUBA, students are still anticipating another great week of minimesters.