Baking for Breast Cancer

Students Raise Money to Fight Cancer

Senior Rachel Nemmeth and Sophomore Megan Walsh help Sophomore Charlie "Boones" Stonceicpher decide what to get at the previous Baking For Breast Cancer bake sale.

Senior Rachel Nemeth and sophomore Megan Walsh help sophomore Charlie Stonecipher decide what to buy at a past Baking for Breast Cancer bake sale. Photo: Michael Simon

When students rush into school in the morning to start a long day and they realize that there is a bake sale, they are instantly delighted. “I really look forward to the Baking for Breast Cancer bake sales,” said sophomore Charlie Stonecipher. “Sometimes in the morning I have to hurry to get to school on time, and frequently find myself skipping meals, so when there is a bake sale and I can purchase a doughnut, all of my stress is relieved.”

The leaders of this successful Pace Academy club are seniors Joe Loughran and Julia Stern, and juniors Seth Swiecichowski, Sophie Zelony and Mitchell Zwecker. Last year, Dylan Steinfeld ’15 ran the show. “I realized Dylan was leaving and that the club needed a leader who genuinely cares about the club,” Seth said. “So I decided to apply for the job, and Dylan appointed me president.”

So far this year there have been three bake sales, and all have been extremely successful, with the last bake sale earning over $330 and bringing the total raised this year to $763. “We send all profits to the National Breast Cancer foundation,” said Mitchell, who serves as treasurer. “This foundation raises awareness for early screening, funds, research and treatment for women who cannot afford it.”

With so many desirable goodies available, Pace students rave over the Baking for Breast Cancer bake sales. However, some students who don’t have the money have been acquiring fresh-baked goods in their own ways. “Stealing is very upsetting and we are actively coming up with ideas on how to handle this,” said Seth. “We have not yet addressed the issue with the school, but we will if necessary.” When asked more specifically about their plans regarding the bake sale thieves, Mitchell said, “We have a solution in the works, but that is the absolute most I can say for now.”