Pace Community Shares Favorite Restaurants

Mr. Whyte and Pace students often visit Waffle House for a nice breakfast Credit: Max Irvine

Mr. Whyte and Pace students visit Waffle House for a nice breakfast.
Credit: Max Irvine

Junior Jake Movsovitz saunters into the ridiculously humid dining room of his favorite local Indian restaurant, Atlanta Curry and Kabob on Jimmy Carter Blvd. in Norcross. Located underneath a laundromat, the restaurant is an obscure gem of the Atlanta culinary community. Beads of sweat collect on his forehead, as the pungent scent of cumin and curry powder fill his nostrils. He waits for what seems like an eternity until a young man clad in an apron delivers his plate of Chicken Tikka Masala.

Like Jake, the students of Pace Academy all have their respective favorite places to dine, traveling all over town to indulge in either fine dining or their guilty pleasures. “Some of my friends gather together on weekends and head up to the Chuck E. Cheese’s,” said freshman TJ Rafeedie. “Although it is a long drive, the meat lover’s pizza and the live entertainment certainly make it worthwhile.”

The Pace student body has developed a variety of culinary tastes. Ranging from Albanese to Zimbabwean, the range of international dishes has no end. Freshman Charlie Hirsch loves to go to Bakkal International Foods market after a long day of school to try their authentic Bosnian dishes. “I especially enjoy the Ćevapi and Pljeskavica; they spice it to perfection every time,” said Charlie. “The owners are really friendly and they always greet me with a big smile.”

Junior Sammy Lettes goes local and eats his favorite dishes of shrimp gumbo and lemon squares at Napoleon’s Grill in Decatur. Seniors Erica Kahn and Haley Epstein load up the van and head towards Cumberland Parkway to eat at the infamous House of Chan.

The quest for unknown and delicious food spots is not limited to students. Ms. Teague, a self-declared “foodie,” loves to chow down on some spicy Mexican food from south of the border; her favorite restaurants are Taxco and Willy’s. Ms. Smith has traveled all over the world during her career, but some of her favorite dishes are right here in Atlanta. Having a hankering for some homestyle Italian, the history teacher often dines at a place called Il Bacio on Sidney Marcus Blvd.

Although many of the members of the Academy prefer to venture outside the confines of school to eat their favorite dishes, Mr. Ball asserts that the best meals are actually right underneath our noses: “A true delicacy is the Pace Academy cafeteria’s baked tilapia and honey-glazed salmon,” said Mr. Ball. “There is no reason to travel to distant places when the most culinarily sound meals are right in front of us.”