Five Minutes with Alex and Grace Pottorff

Freshman Grace Pottorff and Senior Alex Pottorff pose for the camera in the younger years.

Freshman Grace Pottorff and Senior Alex Pottorff pose for the camera in the younger years.

Knightly News: Hey guys!

Alex Pottorff: Hey!

Grace Pottorff: Hi.

KN: So, what kinds of things are you both interested in, or what sort of activities do you participate in?

AP: She is in the play which is coming up soon, and we both like to play tennis.

GP: Yeah, our dad plays tennis so we play a lot of tennis with him.

AP: Other than that, I don’t act much while she’s really into acting. I’m into basketball, and she’s not that into basketball, but tennis, we’ll both play tennis.

GP: I played basketball in sixth grade!

AP: But that’s not really the same thing. (laughs)

KN: What’s the dynamic around the Pottorff house on a normal school night?

AP: Normally we’ll talk a lot after school when I drive her home unless she has play rehearsal. We mostly do our homework separately, though.

GP: We normally talk at dinner, too.

KN: So, do you mostly get along or is there a lot of bickering?

GP: We get along GREAT! (laughs)

AP: We’ve been getting along better over the years. She used to be pretty immature. I’d be like ‘Hey, want to play a board game?’ and then she’d cheat and stuff.

GP: I cheated one time, and he’s still holding it against me.

KN: Grace, how do you feel about Alex going to college next year?

GP: I’m sad. Heartbroken. No, I’m really sad, but I’m also happy.

KN: What’s the most annoying habit either one of you has?

GP: Oh, he pretends like he’s going to hit you and runs into walls on purpose and falls on the floor.

AP: That has not been recent, but I gotta take the charge, you know? She starts making up stuff. Like, if I’m getting on my mom’s nerves, she starts being extra nice to my mom to look better by comparison.

GP: That’s so true.

KN: Which one of you do your parents love the most?

GP: Me

AP: I mean, you’d have to ask my parents.

GP: It’s so me.

AP: I know it’s a boring answer, but it’s equal. I think Mom likes me more.

GP: Oh, Dad LOVES me.

KN: What kind of music do you guys listen to on the way to school?

GP: The Hispanic station! All the time.

AP: I’ll put on old school hip-hop, I’ll put on my JPOP, the mariachi band station El Patron. I seriously love El Patron. I’ll put on 96.1 for you, and country, really everything.

KN: What are your different favorite types of food?

AP: It does not overlap at all. Every time we get takeout, there’s an argument because she’s very picky. We both like Thai food, though.

GP: We both like Thai food and pasta.

AP: I’ll eat pretty much anything.

KN: So do y’all have a favorite restaurant?

AP: We both like Red Lobster because we can both agree on it. There’s not a lot of places we both agree on.

KN: So what’s the weirdest thing your sibling has ever done?

AP: (long pause) She could probably expose me.

GP: Yeah, you’re so weird I can’t believe I can’t think of anything.

AP: We’ll come back to that.

KN: If you were both trapped on deserted islands, which teacher would you bring with you?

AP: Either J-Day or Canfield. So J-Day, I’m taking APES, and he could be very resourceful because he knows so much about nature. Canfield just knows everything, so he’d figure out some ways to survive.

GP: I guess Ms. Korb, because she’s a science teacher and all.

KN: If you could have one superpower what would it be?

GP: Flying.

AP: I could be invisible, scare some people.

GP: No! That’s not the one to pick. That means you want to do things you shouldn’t be doing. (laughs)

AP: Why do you want to fly?

GP: I just want to go places!

AP: I’m changing mine to teleportation so I can go anywhere I want.

KN: Alex, if you could give Grace advice for the rest of high school, what would it be?

AP: I would say don’t let the work get in the way of your social life in high school. She goes up to her room and works all day long.

GP: But I have rehearsal, and I have to do my homework. Are you saying I’m not social?

AP: No, I’m just saying, like, go to the football games and have fun instead of letting schoolwork get in the way of doing fun stuff.