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Knights Randomly Selected for Random Trivia Challenge

Deep in the heart of Midtown, anonymous staff members of WSB-TV placed the names of many metro area high schools in a hat the week of Aug. 31 and randomly selected 32 the schools that will compete in this year’s Hi Q tournament. Unlike the past two years, Pace Academy’s name was drawn, putting the Knights in this popular trivia challenge once again.

For those who are unfamiliar with low-budget educational game shows, Hi Q is a “Frankenstein-like combination of ‘Team Jeopardy!’ and March Madness,” said coach and sponsor of the Pace Hi Q squad, Mr. Smith. “Each week, schools compete against each other in an academic trivia competition, with the winners moving on in the competition.” Sponsored by Ingles, each game consists of four quarters lasting around two minutes each. The team is made up of four high school students chosen for their lightning quick reflexes and knowledge of random facts.

Since Pace has not competed in this televised competition for the past couple of years, Mr. Smith held a mini trivia match in order to equitably find four qualified team members. Jack Eichenlaub, 12, Jackson Fuller, 10, Avery Herman, 11, Will Movsovitz, 11, Johnny Reece, 12, Eno Reyes, 11, Brain Sloan, 11, Andrew Wu, 12, are the qualifiers of this challenge held by Mr. Smith, and they now are competing for the profound honor of representing the PAK (Pace Academy Knights) in this year’s Hi Q trivia challenge.

“I signed up for High Q to see how many various tidbits of information I have accumulated over the years,” said senior Andrew Wu. “I am also hoping to compete and succeed with my peers for Pace.” During the practice, the team of four students looked incredibly in sync, answering questions with great speed. “I look forward to the experience of testing my academic and trivia knowledge in my final year of high school,” said Andrew. The questions that the group of students will be asked will draw from history, mathematics, geography and many other topics. This entertaining jeopardy show airs Sundays at 1 p.m. on WSB-TV. The Knights face the Lovett Lions in the first round of the bracket on October 27.

Team coach and sponsor, Mr. Smith, poses with trivia master Brian Sloan.

Team coach and sponsor, Mr. Smith, poses with trivia master Brian Sloan. Photo: Michael Simon