Student Leaders Dive into New Year

As a new student in the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School, one can become quickly overwhelmed with information about academics, athletics and other extra-curriculars. One of the best ways to get involved, meet new people, and improve the community is to participate in student leadership. Every group has a distinct goal to benefit the upper school students. A few examples of these groups are Student Council, Green Team, Service Leadership, Student Advisory Board (SAB), Pace Academy Board of Diversity (PABD) and Pace Academy Student Support (PASS). Three of these organizations are highlighted below.

“Student Council is there to bridge teachers and students into all facets of Pace life in order to make everyone’s experience pleasant,” explained senior and student body vice-president Mary Stuart Gray. Student Council deals with organizing fundraisers and planning events for the student body. Both student body representatives and class representatives encourage everyone to come to them with any questions, concerns, complaints or new ideas.

Some of the easiest ways to participate with Student Council is to go to events like Cabaret or dances. By digging one level deeper, running for Student Council allows you to meet students in other grades and interact with people in your grade that you might not usually talk to. Teamwork is a major aspect of Student Council, and an overall great way to experience the sense of community within Pace.

Pace’s Green Team, whose mission is to promote sustainability within Pace, locally and even globally, is another excellent way to involve yourself. Green Team plans and discusses its projects, such as the Green Cup Challenge, during its weekly meetings on Thursday mornings. Both those experienced with sustainability efforts and newcomers are welcomed into the club.

“Students can get involved by participating in the everyday projects like composting at lunch, reading the posters and following our tips and pointers, recycling, carpooling to school, and finding little things to do at Pace or at your house just to save energy,” said senior Jake Jenkins, co-president of the Green Team.

Student Advisory Board, better known as SAB, strives to educate the student body about mental health and encourage people to be open-minded. “Our group works to create a more tolerant and a more welcoming school environment for people to feel comfortable, even if they are afflicted by a mental illness or anxiety,” said senior and SAB president Tory Dancu. Tory emphasized the importance of attacking the misconception that mental illness is scarce throughout the community.

SAB hosts numerous events throughout the year such as Unplugged Day, Donut Stress, and Love Your Body Week, and hopes to include more smaller events this year. Participating is as easy as turning off your phone for a day, reading the fliers in the hallway about various issues, or coming to the monthly open meetings.

(photo: Sarah Kitchen) Leader Jake Jenkins discusses ways to help the environment

Green Team leader Jake Jenkins discusses ways to help the environment. Photo: Sarah Kitchen