Students Reflect on First Year in New Building

Students enjoy a gorgeous day up on the terrace. Photo: Lee Wilson

Students enjoy a gorgeous day up on the Correll Richards Family Student Terrace.
Photo: Lee Wilson

As the year comes to a close, seniors say their last farewells, and the late night cramming for exams begins. It’s a perfect time to reflect on what a great year it has been in the new Upper School. This magnificent building has provided students and teachers alike with a wonderful place to learn and teach. It has given a sense of community to many Pace students, and the building is something to be proud of.

The transition from the trailers was relatively easy and went according to plan. Classes weren’t difficult to find and the building wasn’t hard to navigate. In addition, students love all of the nuances in the building such as the bouncy chairs and fireplace in the library and the TVs in the commons.

Many aspects of the new building are highly appreciated. “My favorite part is either the terrace or library; I like how the library has study rooms and that there is a quiet floor and a louder floor,” said freshman Amy Butler. “The terrace is fun to go on during my frees with my friends and the view is really cool.” In an informal poll, most of the students shared that the commons was their favorite space, with the library rated a close second.

Although the building has been well received, there are improvements that can always be made. Oftentimes in new buildings, deficits aren’t noticed until a year or two later, once spaces have been completely broken in and the excitement has subsided. “An addition I would make would be to add lockers so I’d have a place to keep books,” said freshman Harrison Lewis. “Putting in a little kiosk for food would be great, especially since it’s allowed in the library now,” said senior Maria Grenader. “My least favorite part is the walk all the way to the fourth floor for Tuesday/Thursday assembly in the morning and for foreign language, said junior Carly Shoulberg. “I’m always out of breath when I reach the top; I would add an escalator and a snack bar.”

When asked if the new Upper School is easy to navigate, Maria responded, “Yes, my compass helped me find all my classrooms. I would’ve been lost without it.” Although the building is much larger than both the previous Upper School and the trailers put together, signs labeling each classroom on every floor actually made it easy for students to find their way around. In addition, each respective subject’s classroom was located on either a certain floor or specific part of the building.

When asked how the new building compared to the trailers, senior Kate Mullally said, “It’s soooo much nicer than the old spaces, especially the bathrooms and hallways. I enjoyed the trailers, but I’m glad we only had them for a year.”