Spring Exam Tips and Tricks


Junior Alex Rafeedie works hard in the Student Commons. Photo: Andy Bainton

Exams are next week, and stress levels are high. While seniors and juniors have already started their anxiety-filled marathon with AP exams, freshmen and most sophomores are still inexperienced when it comes to testing at Inman tables with the blue gym floor cover in the second semester. To help these neophytes during this stressful time, KN accumulated some tips and strategies that will help optimize success.

1. Study with a partner. Say, you didn’t pay full attention every day this semester… Or perhaps (in the case of Ms. Stevens), you have a cumulative exam with copious amounts of information on it. Chances are, you don’t remember, or don’t have notes of EVERYTHING that will be on your exam. That’s why it’s good to study with a friend, to ensure that you are covering everything that needs to be covered.

2. Use Quizlet. This is essential for anything with vocab. That means foreign language, English, history, etc. Make them, use them, and love them. Quizlets will become your best friend.

3. Make timelines. It seems like this is only relevant for history, but it’s not. Organizing all subjects chronologically is extremely helpful in reviewing information that was taught earlier in the year.

4. Teach the material to someone else. This is a way of testing yourself. If you understand the material well enough to teach it to someone else, you definitely know it well enough to get an A+ on your exam.

5. Take breaks. This tip is the most crucial to establishing good habits. It is better to spend an hour studying and an hour taking a break than “studying” for two hours straight but having your phone around or the TV on. If you focus intently on what you are doing by sitting at a desk, getting all of your material out, and not having any distractions around, you have earned yourself a break, which you should spend taking your mind entirely off of studying.

Exam week is a hectic one, but in no time it will be over and summer will be here. Just grind it out this week and then all will be well.