Letter from the Editor

I started at Pace in ninth grade, and I knew seven people. Let’s just say the freshman retreat was rough. Since then, though, Pace has given me hundreds of reasons to love it. I know without a doubt I would never be who I am today without my four short years at Pace Academy. I’ve tried everything from the fall musical to basketball to Math Team, so I can decide which activities I want to continue to pursue in the future (none of those). Pace has given me some of the best friends I’ll ever have, some of the most amazing experiences I’ll never forget, and also some of the most stressful moments of my life.

Let’s face it – Pace is really hard. Everyone who has ever taken an AP class (so, everyone) has had a breakdown or two in the course of their years at Pace. I mean, why on earth would Mr. Hornor and Dr. K plot against me by putting my APUSH podcast, my WWII essay test and my fractals test all on the same day? (Literally, that happened to me.) The thing with Pace is, it sets you up to make those tough decisions – the “I only have time for either Biology homework or AP Literature homework and I have no idea which to do” decisions. It’s important to realize that sometimes, you just can’t do everything that’s asked of you. Sure, maybe if you hadn’t watched those six episodes of “Sherlock” over the weekend you wouldn’t have had that problem, but hey, nobody’s perfect and we all need a break sometimes.

At this point, I’m probably expected to say, “but hey, I’m glad I went to Pace because it taught me how to make those tough decisions!” Wrong. Writing this, I am in my last two weeks of my senior year, and I am freaking out because on top of my debilitating senioritis I have no idea whether I should write my English paper or study for my Spanish test (or neither). I am still easily overwhelmed by Pace’s workload (why did I take four APs?) and incapable of prioritizing. Pace was trying so hard to teach me this life lesson, and I just never learned it. But does that mean I’ve failed at my Pace education? Of course not.

What my time at Pace has taught me is that it’s OK. No one here expects me to be perfect or to ace every assignment. Even when Pace is terribly stressful, in the end, it loves me and is always on my team. I may still get stressed, but Pace has taught me how to take my problems in stride, to keep going even when I’m overwhelmed, because at 3 o’clock on Friday, I’ll remember how much I love it here.

I may have missed one lesson, but the other lessons I have learned at Pace have been invaluable. My freshman year, Mr. Smith taught me not to be afraid to ask for help (every day). Sophomore year, Ms. Barbakow taught me to be bold enough to speak out in class. Junior year, Señora Lewis taught me to be confident in myself and what I know. And senior year, Ms. Anderson taught me that doing my best is always more than enough – and that it’s OK to take a break and watch some “Sherlock.”