5 Minutes

Five Minutes with Julia and Dean

Photo Caption: Senior KN editors-in-chief Dean Papastrat and Julia Beck hope to leave a legacy for future members of the Knightly News.  Photo Credit: Joe Loughran

Senior KN editors-in-chief Dean Papastrat and Julia Beck hope to leave a legacy for future members of The Knightly News.
Photo: Joe Loughran

Knightly News: How does it feel to be leaving Pace?

Julia Beck: It’s exciting to move on to the next step, but I’m definitely sad to be leaving all my friends.

Dean Papastrat: Like Julia said, it’s bittersweet. It’s really nice to be going to college but really sad to be leaving all of your teachers and friends that you’ve become so close with.

KN: What is your favorite Pace memory?

JB: I really loved riding elephants in Cambodia and meeting new friends on both the Romania and Cambodia trips.

DP: Back in the old Upper School, a mix of the gnomes and the nerds had a super awesome gaming party in the old computer labs.

KN: What are some words of wisdom you want to leave for the Knightly News staff?

DP: Don’t trust Joe, and always have someone ready to carry the papers on handout day.

KN: Do y’all ever get on each other’s nerves?

JB: Of course, all the time.

DP: Well thanks, Julia. Yeah, Julia’s just a walk through the park.

KN: Do you plan on carrying your KN experience to college to do journalism?

JB: I’ve been thinking about it, but I’m currently undecided.

DP: Probably not, but you never know what the future holds.

KN: What’s your most embarrassing moment at Pace?

JB: I always sit in the front row at assembly, because my last name starts with B, and one time I tripped in the FAC and fell down like six stairs.

DP: I really don’t want to say anything about the booth, because I don’t want to be self-conscious about it.

JB: You have so many…

DP: I embarrass myself so much on a daily basis that nothing really stands out as the most embarrassing.

KN: What legacy do you want to leave at Pace?

DP: I am my own legacy. At least, that’s what others have told me.

JB: I would like to be remembered as friendly, nice and hard working. Also, that I made lots of friends in all grades and that teachers like me. I’d like to think that I would leave a good legacy.

KN: What’s the best article you’ve ever written for The Knightly News?

DP: The one that didn’t get published, something about Student Council.

JB: Probably my one about the Shooting Club because most people read that one, but I also enjoy doing Five Minutes and stuff.

DP: Five Minutes is literally the worst.

KN: What is your favorite quality of the other person?

JB: Probably how Dean is just such a hard worker. If I’m worried about something getting done, he’s probably already done it.

DP: Julia’s literally the nicest person. Whenever I want to tear the newspaper sophomores to shreds (because they refuse to ever do their work), Julia will go and talk to them in a way that doesn’t make it seem like they’re utterly worthless. I have a problem with coming across too harsh sometimes… It’s a kinda big problem.

KN: What are you going to miss most about Pace?

JB: My teachers and my friends and stuff, and also the community.

DP: I’m going to miss everything. I’m excited to leave because it’s extremely stressful doing so many things at once, but at the same time I love working on theatre shows, I love working on student council and Newspaper, and I love all of my teachers. They’re absolutely fantastic, especially my senior year teachers, and, of course, my friends.