Class of 2015 Leaves Lasting Legacy

The Class of 2015 will be attending many different schools across the country  Credit: Ryan Vihlen

The Class of 2015 will be attending many different schools across the country
Credit: Ryan Vihlen

At the beginning of the year, there were many uncertainties as the Pace community faced significant changes. Moving into the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School was a massive shift which could have easily spelled havoc; however, time and time again the Class of 2015 exemplified poise and leadership in the face of new challenges. From the senior parade on the first day of school to GAP Day, the seniors have created a lasting legacy which will guide the Pace Academy student body for years to come. “I think the primary reason for the success of this school year was that the entire senior class stayed together, no matter what the situation,” said senior class president Matt Tanenblatt. “I couldn’t be prouder of our seniors, and I think their effect has been felt throughout Pace.”

The impact of the seniors was not limited to any one area, as the Class of 2015 excelled not only academically but on the stage and on the field as well. With a huge number of seniors growing up through the theater program, the high school productions will sorely miss their leadership and energy. “No matter what show I performed in at Pace, I always felt welcomed and appreciated by both the faculty and by my fellow seniors,” said senior Caillin Cooke, who played Cinderella in “Into the Woods.” “The theater program really allowed for the seniors to grow closer together, as we participated in the program we loved.”

In athletics, the Class of 2015 is graduating a whopping 10 seniors who plan on playing their respective sport in college. Whether it is football, diving, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, softball or rowing, the graduating seniors hope to take the skills they have acquired throughout high school to the next level. “This class is loaded with student-athletes who excel in both the classroom and on the field. Their quantity is easily matched by their quality,” said athletic director Kris Palmerton. “It is also important to note that almost all seniors made an impact on their teams throughout high school, and the recognition extends across the grade.”

The Class of 2015 has left its mark extensively on both the Atlanta community and places across the globe. From constructing houses for the homeless in Romania to sorting food at the local Food Bank, the seniors have been exemplars in community service on both the local and global scales. “The participation throughout this year has been amazing and I am so proud of the amount of seniors that have left a legacy on the many service projects Pace offers,” said senior Larine Hamied. With five graduating executive service leaders, Pace has a large hole to fill in the wake of their departure. “I have only been at Pace since the start of second semester and I am continually impressed by the passion and leadership of the senior class in regards to the Pace Service partnerships,” said service director Mary Liebman. “On average, this senior class served over 90 hours during their time in Upper School. The passion and dedication that I’ve seen from these seniors inspires me daily.” Through their service to the community, the senior class has left a blueprint for years to come.

The graduating class features a wide array of collegiate choices, and the class fared substantially well in the admittance process. Whether it’s Georgia, Vermont, California, or the Carolinas, the seniors will undoubtedly further their legacy in their future educational pursuits. But no matter where they attend, the real home of the Class of 2015 will always be here at Pace Academy. “Through every step of the year, the seniors have continually made me proud to call myself their class dean,” said Ms. Anderson. “The entire Pace community, myself included, will look forward to seeing their successes on the global stage.” The senior class will certainly be missed by all, and they will be remembered for sticking together and leading Pace towards a bright, new future.