Pace Eliminates Homework


Junior Hobie Malik seen emphatically throwing away his Math Homework Binder after the “No Homework” policy was announced. Photo: Jack Zook

After years of Pace students dragging their overworked bodies to school following long nights filled with work and stress, Mr. Gannon announced today that the Upper School will completely eliminate all aspects of homework. This decision was made in consultation with students and faculty members over the past two months.

Students were vocal about all of the time and energy they put into schoolwork in their home life and how they must shape their personal schedule around it. “We wake up early in the morning to come to school for seven hours a day, five days a week,” said junior Philip Markwalter. “Any well-rounded student at Pace participating in extra curricular activities has to take time away from family, friends and anything else they do in order to stay up late, finish more schoolwork and then wake up early again the next day.”

Faculty have begun to agree. Anti-homework enthusiast Mr. Callahan told The Knightly News that he doesn’t “believe in homework,” and thinks that “students will now be able to spend valuable time doing things like applying for Peer Leadership or participating in team-building activities instead.” Even the former face of homework at Pace Academy, Ms. Smith, acknowledges that homework has become a thing of the past, and that Pace could be the most innovative school in this category since Paideia instituted their no homework policy when the school opened in 1971.

When students heard the announcement, there was excitement and celebration heard throughout the school. Everyone gathered in the Student Commons for a sacrificial bonfire to burn all items of homework that they could find in their bags. While Mr. Gannon was hesitant about this at first, he agreed the bonfire was a necessary ritual. Not surprisingly, however, sophomore Ben Siegel was kicked out of the Commons once again for drinking a Powerade in the building.

April 1 will now be known as “No Homework Day” at Pace Academy, and the pioneers of the new policy will be remembered and celebrated from this day on.