Trinity Offers New Perspective to Students

Service projects are one of the many opportunities that make Pace Academy the great institution that it is. Not only do the projects help benefit the Pace community, but the Atlanta community as well. Students are able to gain a new perspective on the world around them while simultaneously making a positive impact.

“Its a great way to hang out with people from different grades and give back to the people who truly need it,” said sophomore service leader Sophie Blasberg. “Helping out at the shelter makes me feel humbled and blessed. The feeling of helping others who are in times of need is one of the greatest feelings there is. I would highly recommend visiting the shelter to anyone and everyone.”

Trinity Night Shelter serves meals to homeless men and gives them a place to live until they are able to get back on their feet. Students help out by making meals and taking them to people who have recently gone through a tragic situation. Most of the men who are in the shelter are recovering drug addicts or alcoholics, many having recently lost loved ones because of their substance abuse problems. Some have been there for a few months, but for others, it’s their first day there.

“Going to Trinity Night Shelter allows students to see a side of people that they don’t normally see on a daily basis,” said senior service leader Anna Hoffman. “These homeless men have been through struggles that we have yet to face, so if we are ever faced with those decisions we will remember their stories and stay on the right path.” The people at Trinity can help give students a new perspective, allowing them not to take their privileged lives for granted.

The Trinity Night Shelter service project, called Trinity Knight Table, meets the last Sunday of every month. Contact service leaders Sophie, Anna, or seniors Noah Brooker, Rachel Morrisroe, Harris Quiner or Ginny Reynolds if you are interested in attending.

Trinity leaders meet with new service leader Ms. Liebman.

Trinity Knight Table service leaders Ginny Reynolds, Anna Hoffman and Sophie Blasberg meet with Director of Service Learning Ms. Liebman. Photo: Sean Murtaugh