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Most Eligible Bachelor: Prashanth Kumar

Prashanth is pursued by junior girls  Photo: Dori Greenberg

Prashanth is pursued by junior girls.
Photo: Dori Greenberg

If you’re looking to charm a fine Indian prince this Feb. 14th, all it will take is the bestowing of a single rose upon Pace’s favorite genius, sophomore Prashanth Kumar. Prashanth wants to warn the ladies, though: “This is a time limited offer, so tick, tock.” Prashanth’s zesty and enticing personality gave him the edge over other men here at the Academy, earning him the title of “Most Eligible Bachelor” by the KN staff.

Our bachelor likes to spend his free time playing tennis, gossiping, reciting Shakespearean sonnets and taking long walks on the beach, especially if there’s a sunset. He also really enjoys singing “T-Swizzle” in public. While Taylor Swift is definitely a favorite, the soundtracks to his life are: “Not Afraid” by Eminem and “This is How We Do” by Katy Perry. “They both provide a sense of relief and calmness with their pure voices, while going with my life motto: just keep doing you, no matter what haters (Rick Canfield) say,” said Prashanth.

Prashanth’s ideal woman is someone around his height – no one exceeding him by five inches, because he doesn’t want to feel insecure about his vertical challenges. As a self-proclaimed tennis superstar, Prashanth is looking to be courted by a fellow athlete. “The more sports she plays the better,” he said. His ideal date consists of a “rom-com” (romantic comedy) with a dinner at Maggiano’s. “No place knows love better… I like it ‘Lady and the Tramp style,'” he said. In previous years, Prashanth has spent Valentine’s Day “drowning out [his] loneliness with infinite pints of Ben and Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie and tears.” Yet this upcoming Valentine’s Day, if no lucky lady comes along, he plans “to be third wheeling with some other couples and gossiping about people with [his] fellow bachelor, sophomore Jake Movsovitz.”

Ladies, if you fulfill his requirements, don’t miss your chance. Now is the time to snag Prashanth and have the best Valentine’s Day of your life.