Hot Ways for Couples to Spend Valentines Day

For all you existing and aspiring couples at the Academy, Valentines Day is around the corner. When it comes to impressing your significant other, the bar is set very high. Chocolate, flowers and candy are nothing special, as the real satisfaction comes with the date you plan for that special someone. For those who are stuck in a rut, here are some ideas you can use for a memorable evening with your sweetheart:

1. Home cooked meal: Whether you are experienced in the kitchen or not, there’s nothing more sweet and sentimental than a home cooked meal. In addition, if you aren’t looking to spend much money, this is highly inexpensive and creative. To spice things up, you can even decorate the kitchen to correspond with your romantic multiple-course meal. Having everything all prepared before your date arrives is good, but an evening of cooking together could be really special and something to remember. Buy some flowers, light some candles and don’t forget dessert!

2. Ferris Wheel: SkyView Atlanta is a great way to get your date alone and wow them with the dazzling Atlanta skyline. If you’re willing to drop $27 for a roughly 9-15 minute ride, the two of you could forge some wonderful memories on this special night. A trip to the SkyView doesn’t simply stop at the ferris wheel, as Atlanta has so many wonderful restaurants downtown and so much more to offer. Be sure to make a reservation because you aren’t the only ones who will be out on the town on February 14th.

3. Reenact your first date: Nothing says “I love you” more profoundly than throwing it way back to the first date. For couples who have been together for a while, this one is relatively easy for you. Your special someone just wants to see you make an effort and know that you really care. Reenacting your first date tells them that you remember it, how much it meant to you, and that for them you would do everything all over again. Look at “The Parent Trap” for a perfect example. After throwing it way back to the night the couple met, the two fell in love with each other all over again.

4. Scavenger hunt: Who doesn’t love a little mystery in their date? Send your date around the town, and when they arrive at each location, they should receive another clue to lead them to their final destination (which would most likely be you). Pick locations that you and your date have visited in the past and have shared a special moment at. This will make it easier for you to write your clues.

5. If you are really at a loss, break up with them beforehand and then get back together after Valentines Day. That way you get to avoid the stress of planning something special. Problem solved.