coach jones

Coach Jones Leads Girls Basketball

This year, Pace welcomed an array of new faculty members, including a new head of the girls basketball program, Coach Brian Jones. Coach Jones isn’t simply the girls basketball head coach, however, as he has multiple roles at Pace, including varsity track and field coach, lower and middle school PE coach and middle school football coach. His transition to Pace has been smooth, in large part because he shares an office with Coach Mark Sommerville. “Mark Sommerville has been welcoming and made my transition really pleasant,” said Coach Jones. “People like Mark, that’s why I like Pace.”

Coach Jones’ history with sports is definitely an impressive and interesting one. In college, he was offered a spot on the track and field team as a high jumper, but decided not to pursue it. It was shortly after, still during his time in college, that Coach Jones first realized he wanted to be a coach. He soon started a program similar to AAU with a friend, which he later called Club Basketball. He and his team won the NIRSA (National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association) Championship. “I don’t think I chose basketball,” said Coach Jones. “I believe it chose me. We all have desires and passions… Basketball has been something I’ve gravitated to ever since I was a little kid.”

Coach Jones has started his first season of coaching girls basketball at Pace by making a strong impression on his players. “Coach Jones is very passionate and works hard in order to help us be successful,” said senior Hannah Ferry. “He is extremely dedicated and wants the best for his team.” His goals for the season are summed up by four simple words: passion, accountability, competition and effort. By achieving these mental aspects and applying them to each and every basketball game, Coach Jones hopes to see physical results in return.

“Our goal for this season is to somehow get to state,” said Coach Jones. “The way it works is the top two teams in the region automatically advance to state, so we are fighting for the third or fourth spot.” These are high goals, but not unheard of in Pace basketball’s history, and his team plays knowing the faith he has in them. “He always pushes us to be the best that we can be,” said senior guard Lauren Hadley.” He works us very hard, but he really believes in us and believes that we can go far.”

Coach Jones’ passion for basketball is clear, and he sets bold and exciting goals for both himself and his team. Ultimately, he hopes to lead a Pace team to enter into the top 50 teams in the nation. “I believe Pace has the resources to make it, but we will see what happens,” said Coach Jones.