Looking for a last minute gift for a friend or relative? Check out this list of unique technology gifts that are sure to amaze. All gifts listed are under $100.

The USB toaster hub can warm up any office space. Photo: ThinkGeek

USB Toaster Hub

This quirky little device charges all of your personal electronic devices, in the form of a traditional toaster. While it can’t toast a piece of bread, it can bring a sense of warmth to your office or room while adding expansion slots to your computer. The device comes with two fake pieces of toast in USB form, just for fun.




Romo could be your new best friend. Photo: Fab


Romo, the Smartphone Robot

Romo is the friend you’ve always wanted. He wakes you up with playful sounds, knows how to get down on the dance floor, and can even follow you around. Use your phone to control him, and he’ll obey every command with a smile.




Up your gaming performance with the Ion controller. Photo: Amazon

Ion iCade Mobile Game Controller

If you have a friend who’s into intense mobile gaming, you need to get this gadget. This controller allows you to place your phone into a controller-like apparatus which enables optimal performance on ported console games such as “Grand Theft Auto.” In addition, it connects directly via Bluetooth, so you don’t have to worry about finicky cables or older phones being compatible with it.




The LIX 3D pen allows you to take design to a different dimension – literally. Photo: Lix

Lix 3D Printing Pen

Draw, sculpt and build beautiful designs with this neat 3D-printer gone mobile. The pen allows you to build many unique, small objects without any knowledge of digital design systems by putting the power in your hand. With a durable aluminum body, variable speed setting and slick look, you will design intricate artistic creations in no time. If you know anyone who wants to bring their artwork to life, this pen is for them.




The Micro Drone can capture great aerial shots, with an experienced pilot. Photo: Micro Drone UK
The Micro Drone can capture great aerial shots, with an experienced pilot. Photo: Micro Drone UK

Micro Drone 2.0

Have you ever wanted your own drone? Look no further than Micro Drone. For the affordable price of $75, you can get an RC drone with a range of 400 ft., aerial camera and four stabilizing rotors. The drone does a great job at capturing stunt or sports footage from afar, but can also be used to survey areas of land or create professional-quality aerial fly-throughs.

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