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Stop the UGG Plague Now

Seniors Caroline Denny and Kate Mullally show off their winter footwear while avoiding the infected senior Morgan Baker.  Photo: Grace Francour

Seniors Caroline Denny and Kate Mullally show off their winter footwear while avoiding the infected senior Morgan Baker.
Photo: Grace Francour

Affecting nearly 90% of the female population, Ugg boots are the new Pace plague. Although there are many different mutations – including sequin and animal print – chestnut, tan and black are the main strains. This calamity can begin at a frighteningly young age, as Ugg makes boots for children as young as newborns to six months. The plague affects both genders, although females are primarily the victims.

The Ugg affliction appears to be cozy and harmless, but as soon as one girl becomes infected, all female members in her circle will come down with it, spreading the sickness like wild fire. Because of the many hidden symptoms, some especially afflicted people can even be seen wandering the mall in Ugg boots in the summer (gasp).

Unfortunately, there is no vaccine yet, so in order to protect yourself it is recommended that you simply stay away from Uggs. I have gathered a collection of alternative shoe options, perfect for freezing temperatures, that will help to stop the plague’s spread.

L.L. Bean’s Bean Boots are the most practical choice of footwear this winter because of the sturdy rubber sole and warm Thinsulate lining. Bean Boots come in several different styles and colors, but the tan/brown is by far the most popular. These high quality shoes are both practical and stylish, combining warm insulation with full-grain leather to achieve a classic look. “I love my Bean Boots because they’re perfect for protecting my feet from the cold and wet: my two least favorite things,” said senior Katie Nelson. Bean Boots are paired best with skinny jeans or leggings and cozy socks.

Another time-honored look is riding boots. With a classic silhouette, these boots are a sleek alternative to the clunkiness of Uggs. Riding boots allow for a lot of creativity, as they are made by dozens of brands and come in many different colors, but still guarantee a warm option that will tie any outfit together. They look great with over-the-knee socks, tights or jeans, and also lengthen the leg, making them both fashionable and flattering. Any way you wear them, they assure warmth from your toes to your knees. Junior Caroline Hardison brags about her collection of ten different pairs of boots, saying, “It’s the only type of shoe that exists in my opinion. They are life.”

A newer, yet still warm trend is Birkenstocks paired with thick, fuzzy socks. While not as warm as Bean Boots, Birkenstocks have such a large following because of their fresh look and comfortable foot bed. Offered in two main styles, the clog and the sandal, 12 colors, and several different materials, Birkenstocks are one of the most versatile shoes on the market. Birks and socks can be worn with jeans, dresses or the popular flowy pants. “As much as people make fun of me for my Birks, they’re back in style,” said senior Kate Mullally, proud owner of several pairs. “They’re comfy and neutral, so jokes on y’all haters.”

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