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Black is Back: Two and a Half Looks with Taylor

Taylor shows off her incredible style and Birkenstocks. Photo: Libby Sams

Taylor shows off her incredible style and Birkenstocks. Photo: Libby Sams

This month, Three Looks highlights  the Academy’s growing “hipster” following, as exemplified by sophomore Taylor Upchurch. This girl purposefully pushes the envelope of societal norms with her “artsy” style and abnormally colorful outfit selection. When asked about her favorite outfit, she simply responded, “Whatever is the most comfortable, probably jeans and sandals. I would describe my wardrobe as vibrant and full of color.” Effortlessly, Taylor pulls away from Pace’s mainstream into cooler waters with fashions like pairing socks and Birkenstocks.

“Birkenstocks and socks aren’t socially acceptable,” argues sophomore Mia Wright, though it is obvious that Taylor’s haters only ignite her desire to be different from everyone else. She shops at Urban Outfitters, Free People and Anthropology to widen her artsy wardrobe options and add more clothing items of any other color besides black.

Taylor can be spotted sporting her signature bell-bottom jeans, bringing back a classic Seventies style while adding her own flair. “Yes, actually, the breeze on my knees is quite nice,” says Taylor, describing her jeans. But the question remains, what will she do next? Her growing fashion following has been left in the dark, literally, and they want to know what Taylor’s newest trend will be, though we already know it will be pertaining to lots of color. Addressing this question, she says mysteriously, “Crocs and socks. That is all.”

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