Sotto Sotto Provides Authentic Experience

The Zuppa di Cioccolato deliverns an authentic Italian treat. Photo: Sotto Sotto

The Zuppa di Cioccolato delivers an authentic Italian treat.
Photo: Sotto Sotto

Located in the rapidly urbanizing Inman Park, Sotto Sotto is tucked away along North Highland Ave. next to sister restaurant Fritti. The restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine featuring a variety of pastas and meat dishes. Started by Riccardo Ullio, this Italian spot has been named the best Italian restaurant in Atlanta by multiple magazines and newspapers, including the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Ullio’s vision with Sotto Sotto was to serve Italian delicacies that he enjoyed during his childhood back home in Italy. This drive for delivering great food is one of the many reasons why Sotto Sotto has become so popular.

Since it’s only open for dinner, Sotto Sotto is generally pretty packed and requires a reservation later into the night or on weekends. The atmosphere can be described as serious and romantic, as the lights are set dim and there are plenty of candles lit throughout the restaurant. Even when it’s packed, the noise levels are still low, as conversations are quiet. In addition to indoor seating, Sotto Sotto provides an outdoor patio for dining as well. The restaurant is perfect for dates or dinner with a small group of friends.

Waiters at the restaurant are very knowledgeable and attentive, showing great expertise regarding Italian cuisine and beverages such as wine. Sotto Sotto’s desire to serve true Italian food is seen with their fresh homemade pasta and bread that is prepared every day. The pasta’s freshness makes a huge difference in flavor and also makes the dish healthier, because the ingredients are all natural. One downside to their fresh dishes is that the portions are small. Each dish costs around 20 to 25 dollars, which matches the quality. However, the price doesn’t match the quantity.

While I was there, I tried the classic Caesar salad as an appetizer, the Strozzapreti alla Salsicci as my entree, and a chocolate soup for dessert. The salad was good. The lettuce was fresh and crunchy, but the dressing didn’t have a lot of flavor. The Strozzapreti, a handmade pasta served with a sausage ragu was fantastic, and one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever tasted. The portion size was small, which was disappointing as I couldn’t get enough of this yummy Italian creation and wanted more. For dessert, the chocolate soup was unique and foreign to me. This dessert was comparable to a bowl of melted chocolate ice cream, but it was room temperature and had a thicker consistency. Sotto Sotto emphasizes delivering an authentic Italian dinner to its customers, and my experience at the restaurant lived up to their reputation and standards.

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