Apple's first ever watch Photo: Apple
Apple’s first watch is making new strides in the art of technology.
Photo: Apple

This September, Apple shocked the world once again with their newest innovations. The iPhone 6 (starting at $199) and 6 Plus (starting at $299) were released to customers around the world, and have already proven to be very popular. According to 9to5Mac, Apple sold 10 million of the new devices in the first weekend of sales, setting a new record for an iPhone release. The excitement over the new phone primarily relates to the phone’s innovative medley of new features and technologies, designed to humanize the experience of using a phone.

Apple’s release of iOS 8 was also a big hit, featuring new products including the “Health” app, which allows users to track their daily activities, such as how many flights of stairs they’ve climbed or how far they’ve  walked over a certain amount of time. Another feature, “Quicktype,” gives users shortcuts when typing a message or an email, allowing for more efficient messaging.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the iPhone 6 is not what’s inside the phone, but rather the phone itself. The new screen is enormous with a 4.7-inch or a 5.5-inch display (depending on whether it’s an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus). It now has six rows for apps, and offers a much clearer and larger Retina HD display, allowing for crystal clear video watching.

Just like the iPhone 5s, the new iPhone has a fingerprint scanner for quick app purchasing and allowing users to skip having to type in their password every time to unlock their phone. But unlike the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 6 allows users to pay for things by simply scanning their finger prints. This applies to all online purchases and even select in-store purchases. “My favorite part [of the iPhone 6] is the beautiful screen,” said junior Mick Assaf, who recently obtained the phone.

However, the new iPhone does have flaws. Since its release, it has been pegged as being “bendable” due to its incredibly sleek design. A test was conducted by to judge the pliability of multiple smartphones, and while the new iPhones rated lower than some smartphones (for example, the iPhone 6 bent under 70 lbs of pressure whereas iPhone 5 bent under 130 lbs of pressure), it was not low enough to dissuade consumers from buying the new Apple product.

In addition to the new phone, Apple released the conceptual Apple watch, which will debut in early 2015. This watch will be very customizable, with three main varieties: a regular watch, a sport watch, or a more elegant watch. Each watch offers a plethora of classic options for watch bands, such as metal, leather or sporty (fluoroelastomer). The difference between the three watches is primarily in the watch face. The sport watch face weighs less than the regular watch, while the Edition collection offers gold and rose gold designs, and is expected to be slightly more expensive.

What is more impressive than the outstandingly customizable design is the amount of perfunctory capabilities it has. You can stay connected with your friends and family without even having to touch your phone. Emails, iMessages, and phone calls can all be sent and received from the new watch. Additionally, Apple has changed the game of exercising technology. By offering the new Health app, the watch can track how long you’ve run, walked or sat in any given period of time, which allows you to track how many calories you’ve burned, and over time, how much progress you’ve made. It also has a number of traditional Apple apps, such as Maps, Calender, Passbook, Music, Clock, Stocks and Weather. In addition, it even allows you to control the camera on your iPhone.

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