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Pace Should Ban All Technology

Junior Elizabeth Willis sits, entranced by her various tech devices. Photo: Julia Beck

Junior Elizabeth Willis sits, entranced by her various tech devices.
Photo: Julia Beck

Here at the Academy, we are very proud of our technology, but frankly it is starting to overwhelm us. Pace students can be seen wasting away their time on their phones and computers. The majority of students are addicted to applications like Instagram and Vine. Worst of all, this blatant obsession with technology is ruining our social interactions, keeping people from having real face-to-face interactions at school.

For these reasons, I think that Pace should ban technology on school grounds. But I don’t just mean phones and computers, but also calculators and smart boards. Pace needs to get back to the basics. Students as a whole would do better without the distractions of technology, like cell phones going off while they could be studying, or the possibility of watching YouTube videos instead of doing homework during free periods.

If we get rid of calculators, everyone will learn how math really works and improve their conceptual understanding of the subject. Also, hand writing instead of typing papers and notes is proven to help the writing process and the memorization of information. It would also assist the teachers, not just the students, because if the administration bans technology, teachers would no longer have to worry about students using cell phones in class.

Another advantage to getting rid of all electronics is all the money that could be saved. With money no longer needed for new computers and smart boards, Pace could give the extra money to charity or invest it in the arts program. Technology is a waste of time, and the whole school would benefit from a complete purge of all electronics.

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