Nanotechnology Day Excites, Amazes

Mr. Day introduces the speaker at the Lunch N' Learn, Dr. Mininberg. Photo: Joe Loughran

Nanotech Day was loved by all!
Photo: Joe Loughran

In an effort to bring real-life applications to the classroom, Mr. Day hosted a group of engineers and Georgia Tech students on Feb 27, who taught all of the science classes about nanotechnology. Mr. Day, chair of the science department, said that he wanted to “take time to show students how all of the math and science they learn can actually lead to fascinating research, even if it meant losing a day of content teaching.” The unique experience showcased how Pace’s science program puts emphasis on learning, rather than on constant content feeding, and left students’ love of science renewed and refreshed.

The day began with an assembly that gave an overview of nanotechnology, describing how technology on a scale that’s a mere billionth of a meter can change everyday life. The presenter, though bringing the concepts down to an extremely simple level, helped show students the basic workings and possibilities of nanotechnology, leaving the students ready for a more in-depth view during their science classes.

In each science class, Mr. Day arranged for specialized presenters who built on the information given in the overview. Students learned all about the history, applications and engineering of nanotechnology, connecting the disciplines of science, history and math for a learning extravaganza. Many students left with a great amount of knowledge and thoroughly enjoyed the day, supporting the idea of another event like this one, and praising Mr. Day for a stellar job at organizing it.

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