Three Looks with Hallie Bedol

This month, “Three Looks” focuses on senior Hallie Bedol, a talented young lady whose spotlight is long overdue. Hallie has been using her eye for style to dress herself for years now, developing one of the most original and confident styles at Pace Academy. Hallie enjoys shopping at stores such as Madewell, Goodwill, the Dollar Store, Big and Tall and Dress Barn. She finds inspiration in “2 Chainz and Angela Merkel”- two of the more diverse exemplars of style, without a doubt. Hallie offers advice to young ladies aspiring to reach her level of style, saying, “Cleavage and midriff are the way to go; if it covers your butt then it shouldn’t be in the closet. Get a hoody in every color (they go with everything) and in the words of 2 Chains… ‘pile on the gold.'”


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