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Students Request Green Space for New Upper School

Seniors enjoy their free time in the green space.

Seniors enjoy their free time in the green space.
Photo: Dean Papastrat

The Academic Village brings a college-like environment to the Pace Upper School, as the multiple subject-oriented buildings and expansive grass field foster a sense of community, fun and learning. Having the option to go kick a soccer ball, throw a football or Frisbee, or simply lounge around in the adirondack chairs is a new experience for Pace students, who were previously contained in an old, decaying building with very little space for outside activities.

Now that students have enjoyed this great space, they don’t want to give it up. Though the terrace of the new building will open up a new area for outdoor learning, nothing can compare to the spacious field that lies at the center of the Village.

Pace has not yet announced any similar outdoor options for students next year, but the Knightly News staff identified a few ways that students can get the outdoor experience they desire next year. One option is to use the existing fields that will be restored after the construction is completed. With the construction finished, the gardens will also be open for play. If neither of these options work, there’s always the artificial turf that lies between the Inman Center and the FAC, which the middle school students often use for recess. For the times that rain hinders the ability to play outdoors, the Inman Center is always a viable option, with a beautiful court upon which to play basketball or volleyball.

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