Valentines Day

Students Have Mixed Views of Valentine’s Day

Senior couple Aaron Simon and Evelyn Hobbs look forward to spending Valentine’s Day together. Photo: Evelyn Hobbs

Senior couple Aaron Simon and Evelyn Hobbs look forward to spending Valentine’s Day together.
Photo: Evelyn Hobbs

Some Pace students are beginning to prepare for a rapidly approaching February holiday that many believe has lost its meaning, Valentine’s Day. The festive day celebrates love and commemorates a martyr, St. Valentine. The long and confusing history of the holiday contains many different stories as to how the holiday originated, but the theme is the same for all of them. This celebration of love on Feb. 14 is now commonly regarded as a holiday without purpose, an opinion that is shared within the walls of Pace.

“On Valentine’s Day I’m doing what I do everyday, but I’m going to be wearing some rocking jeans which I don’t do sometimes. Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday, it’s invented by capitalist overlords to keep us distracted from a lot of other problems,” said senior Hunter Cesinger. “On Valentine’s Day you can probably find me playing basketball. I only like the day because it gives me an excuse to go out and buy chocolate to eat,” said sophomore Jordan Harris. “I’m not even doing anything,” said freshman Will Movsovitz, “I think we have a debate tournament then.”

Although most Pace students do not have big plans for the holiday, many still plan on commemorating the special day. Some expect to spend the day by themselves, like freshman Brian Sloan. “I plan on buying myself a big box of chocolates, but I’ll label it as a gift from someone else to me. Then I’m going to stuff my face while staring in the mirror and listening to a Valentine’s Day marathon on TV in the background,” said Brian.

Others are still searching for a counterpart to spend their day with. “I’m going to see a movie with Callie,” said senior Jules Zappone. “I really want to third wheel with a couple and see how it goes,” said junior Maria Grenader. “I can’t wait to hang out with my mom,” said junior Harris Quiner. Other Pace students plan on doing something special, but either aren’t sure or can’t decide what to do yet. “I’m doing something,” said senior Pate Hardison, “but I don’t know what.” If you’re looking for senior Caroline Draughon on Valentine’s Day, she said, “I’ll be posted up at Willy’s with some cheese dip to spare.”

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