Most Eligible Bachelor: Elijah Sheft

Junior Elijah Sheft is the one for you, ladies! Photo:Max

Junior Elijah Sheft is the one for you, ladies!
Photo: Grace Francour

As Valentine’s Day approaches, ladies everywhere will be scrambling to find the perfect date to rescue them from a lonely night with only their favorite sweets to keep them company. Fortunately for the girls at Pace Academy, the most eligible bachelor in all of Buckhead is on the prowl.

Creative and a charmer, junior Elijah Sheft may be the most interesting man in the world. Starting “Sleeveless Saturdays,” a new thing that’s catching on “where you let the guns out,” according to Elijah, is only one of his many impressive achievements. In his free time, he enjoys singing opera, reading poetry and beating his brother up. A self-proclaimed animal lover, Elijah loves when his dogs sleep on either side of his face, and he thinks that every girl should know he once open-mouthed kissed a horse. “The fox is my spirit animal. Most people ask me, ‘Elijah, how do you do it?’ and that’s how they came up with the song, ‘What Does the Fox Say?’ It’s really a metaphor about me and what I say and do on a daily basis.” A perfectionist and always one to be modest, Elijah said, “I’m smart, I can run and I can do magic. OK, docile, and I’m agreeable to a fault.”

If you are outgoing and have a soft spot for animals, then Elijah may be the perfect guy for you. “I’m more of a spontaneous human being. I like to live in the moment,” said Elijah. Family is important to Elijah: “I prefer a big heart and someone who looks kind of like my mom, but acts like my dad.” His current plans for Valentine’s Day include trying to third wheel with his favorite couple, if Mr. Whyte isn’t available, but you could be the lucky lady to change his mind. His advice for the bachelorettes vying for his attention is: “To try in life is simply not enough. Success is the only measure.”

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