Carter and Kandace

How Well Do These Pace Couples Really Know Each Other?

Carter and Kandace have been going strong for almost a year. Photo: Kandace Thompson

Carter and Kandace have been going strong for almost a year.
Photo: Kandace Thompson

Seniors Carter Draughon and Kandace Thompson:

KN: When did you first start dating?

CD: Uh… wait. March 1, 2013.

KT: March 1, 2013.

KN: How’d he ask you out?

CD: I just asked her. I was hanging out with her and asked her if she wanted to, uh, go out.

KT: We were in my living room watching a movie and we were talking about it. I was just like, “OK!” and he said, “OK, what?” And then he asked me out. It was a good moment.

KN: What was the first date?

CD: Oh, no… Hanging out at her house.

KT: Yeah, hanging out at my house.

KN: What would y’all’s ideal date be?

KT: I really want to go skydiving.

CD: “…”

KN: What is Carter’s favorite movie?

KT: He does not have a favorite movie.

CD: “Anchorman,” probably.

KN: What is Kandace’s favorite movie?

CD: Oh, didn’t we go over this? I thought it was “Harry Potter,” but Kandace cheated and told me it’s “How To Train Your Dragon.”

KT: “How To Train Your Dragon.”

KN: What is Carter’s favorite TV show?

KT: “Blue Mountain State” and “The League.”

CD: “Blue Mountain State.”

KN: What about Kandace’s favorite TV Show?

CD: “The Office.”

KT: Either “The Office” or “Friends.”

KN: What is Carter’s favorite food?

KT: I don’t know… maybe wings. He likes wings.

CD: I think I’d say Mexican food.

KN: What’s Kandace’s favorite food?

CD: Kandace’s favorite is pasta.

KT: Ice cream.

KN: What is Carter’s favorite color?

KT: Carolina blue.

CD: Blue.

KN: What’s Kandace’s favorite color?

CD: Blue.

KT: Blue.

KN: What does Carter like to do in his free time?

KT: Hmm… video games or play Munchkin Ball.

CD: Hang out with my friends… Oh, and hang out with Kandace, of course.

KN: Good save, Carter.

KN: What does Kandace like to do in her free time?

CD: Um, watch TV.

KT: Um, just hang out, chill, watch a good movie.

KN: What is Carter’s most embarrassing moment?

KT: I don’t think he has one.

CD: Don’t have one.

KN: What’s Kandace’s most embarrassing moment?

CD: I have no idea.

KT: He won’t get this one but it was when I was pantsed in front of Publix when I was in second grade in front of all my sister’s guy friends. It was so embarrassing.

KN: OK, well, that’s all. Thanks, guys.

CD: I killed that quiz. Let’s go!

KT: No you didn’t.


Seniors Mackenzie Kelly and Jeremy Paul:

KN: When did you first start dating?

MK: That’s kind of tricky. We were together in April but we didn’t make it official until July.

JP: Why was that?

MK: Because I went away for seven weeks and I didn’t want to have a relationship while I was in Europe.

JP: What was the other minor reason? Do you not remember it?

MK: Oh, yeah. He wanted to start a relationship on an odd day and I hate odd numbers. So I had to wait until we came back on an even day.

KN: Well, Jeremy, is there an exact date for all of this?

JP: April 21 unofficially, July 18 officially.

KN: How did Jeremy ask?

MK: Actually, he didn’t. I made a bet with him that he couldn’t remember my number, but I didn’t yet know he was a math genius and he remembered it and he sent me a text saying, “I win.” After that we made a “bubble bet.” So, if I blew the bigger bubble he had to kiss me. I won and he had to kiss me and that was at my house the first time we really hung out.

JP: It was rigged.

KN: What’s Jeremy’s ideal date?

MK: Probably sitting there watching or playing video games and quoting movies.

JP: What? Whoa, it has nothing to do with video games. The quoting movies, sure.

KN: What about Mackenzie’s ideal date?

JP: The light show at the Botanical Gardens.

MK: He already took me on it, the Botanical Gardens.

KN: What’s Jeremy’s favorite movie?

MK: I’m gonna use what he just wrote a college essay about: “Zombieland.”

JP: Not really anything specific.

KN: What’s Mackenzie’s favorite movie?

JP: “The Breakfast Club.”

MK: Hands down, “The Breakfast Club.”

KN: What’s Jeremy’s current favorite TV show?

MK: Well, he watched “Teen Wolf” last night so I’m going with that.

JP: “Psych.”

KN: What’s Mackenzie’s favorite TV show?

JP: What’s it called… I can’t remember what it’s called. Some red wedding thing. I just can’t think of the name. Some dungeons and dragons thing.

MK: Jeremy, it’s called “Game of Thrones,” not “Dungeons and Dragons.”

KN: What’s Jeremy’s favorite food?

MK: Big Al’s chocolate cake.

JP: Bacon cheeseburger.

KN: What about Mackenzie’s?

JP: This chicken breast stuffed with cheese. I forgot the name of the cheese. Some, like, herb and stuffed cheese thing.

MK: Stuffed chicken breast at Ruth’s Chris.

KN: What’s Jeremy’s favorite color?

MK: Blue.

JP: Blue.

KN: What’s Mackenzie’s favorite color?

MK: Blue.

JP: Blue.

KN: What does Jeremy like to do in his free time?

MK: Mostly just hang out with friends. He hangs out with his best friend Dylan all the time.

KN: So he doesn’t hang out with you that much?

MK: Well, no, he does. I tag along. Third wheel.

JP: Just chill.

KN: What about Mackenzie, what does she like to do?

JP: She likes photography.

MK: Watching TV or just hanging out.

KN: OK, well, thank you!


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