Josh and Alexandra think that arguing is actually healthy in a relationship.  Photo: Alexandra McCorkle
Josh and Alexandra think that arguing is actually healthy in a relationship.
Photo: Alexandra McCorkle

Knightly News: So, you have been together for a long time.

Josh Sloan: Nine months.

KN: How was your first date?

JS: Our first date was way before we officially started dating.

AM: It was horrible! We went to a movie at 4 o’clock.

JS: It was a really bad movie, too. When we got back, it was broad daylight and there was nothing to do, so I just dropped her off. She didn’t talk to me for a week after that!

AM: He didn’t even walk me up.

KN: That’s not very gentlemanly.

JS: It was cold out! We’ve had less horrible dates since (laughs).

KN: What were your first impressions?

AM: I would never have guessed that we would be dating.

JS: Yeah, I don’t think I would have either.

KN: Alright, so it wasn’t love at first sight?

JS: I thought she was a classic Southern girl.

AM: What does that even mean?

JS: I don’t know, like “Gone with the Wind” or something.

AM: I thought Josh was a jerk. I don’t know why, though (laughs). He wore really big shoes and talked about snowboarding a lot.

KN: And you ski, so there won’t be any spring break trips to Deer Valley, I’m guessing.

JS: Rivalry.

AM: I hate snowboarders.

KN: Best presents you have received from each other?

AM: He got me a bracelet from Italy that is made of blown glass.

JS: And a bag! I got her a bag!

KN: Does he have good taste?

AM: Yeah, he takes his mom with him when he buys presents.

JS: I pick everything. I just bring my mom because it’s awkward when I’m in a jewelry store by myself and I don’t know what I am doing. My mom is there so I don’t look like an idiot.

KN: Do you try to dress Josh, or do you think he has a good sense of style?

AM: Well [looking at what he is currently wearing] . . .I definitely dress him (laughs).

JS: In Germany, I walked out with sweatpants on and she sent me back. Everyone was shocked when I went back in to get changed. She was the only one that was offended by my sweatpants.

AM: I also hate sweatshirts.

JS: She called me out in school one time for wearing a sweatshirt, so now I wear button downs . . . It’s only because she cares (laughs).

KN: Going back to the Germany trip, how was it? Did the cold ruin the romance?

AM: It was good, but we had a rough first couple of days. We bickered a lot.

KN: What did you bicker about?

JS: Everything! Anything that you could call someone out on.

AM: We did get past it, though, and we had a really good time.

JS: Yeah, in the end! (laughs)

AM: The teachers made fun of us a lot by calling us snuggle bunnies and other stupid things.

KN: So, what is your favorite thing about the other person?

JS: She has a large variety of facial expressions. She does this awkward smile, sometimes to herself, and all these other random facial expressions. She has this judgement face too, so you can tell when she is judging you.

AM: Whenever he mocks me, I make these really awkward and ugly faces.

KN: What’s your favorite thing about Josh?

Josh: [points to eyes]

AM: Well, he has really pretty eyes. He is a really good friend.

JS: Friendzoned in an interview about our relationship.

AM: You are my best friend, though.

KN: Are there any pet peeves you have that the other person does?

AM: Whenever we’re arguing, he throws up his hands and it drives me crazy.

JS: I literally slowly back away when we’re arguing, and she gets really frustrated.

KN: Josh, are you forced to go to all of the musicals, or do you go of your own free will?

JS: I’m not forced to. She actually told me that I didn’t have to go. We were both happy that I eventually went to them.

AM: It was fun to have a fan.

KN: Alexandra, you’re a big yoga fan. Are there any plans to do partner yoga?

AM: I definitely plan on us doing partner yoga.

JS: Hopefully, it stays as a theoretical plan. I am not that flexible.

AM: Saying you are not flexible enough to do yoga is like saying you are too dirty to shower.

KN: Thanks for your time!

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