Internet Privacy
Our Internet is in danger. We need to protect it from superfluous surveillance and control by our government.
Photo: Digital Trends

Everyone hears the continual stream of complaints from corporations and prominent individuals who are fed up with the NSA and their continual snooping. However, the intrusiveness of their so-called “investigations” has grown dramatically. The NSA is no longer just asking companies for back-door entrances into their data, but rather hacking into their systems from afar. For example, the NSA recently hacked Google’s servers without any warning, illegally gaining access to hundreds of thousands of profiles. Google was outraged by this, citing it as a violation of privacy and law. Although there are special measures that can be taken to protect national security, this violation goes above and beyond what is necessary for safety.

However, there is still hope. There are several bills currently being written, all fully backed by the technology giants, that advocate for Americans’ privacy and transparency on the government’s end. Many of these pieces of legislation focus on allowing companies to reveal how many information requests they receive from the government and forcing the government to obtain a warrant before asking for data, while others go so far as to say that what the NSA is doing is completely unconstitutional and should be banned.

The NSA is not the only organization that is surveying your every move. The FBI, Department of Justice, and other groups are fighting to gain an “on/off” switch to the entire country’s Internet service, allowing the them to completely sever our connections to the outside world. While our privacy is important, our freedom is even greater, and we cannot allow the government to prevent our right to form together as a group of people to protect our opinions and beliefs. Contact your local member of Congress now and request that we put an end to this “Big Brother” behavior.

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