The Limit Does Not Exist for Dr. Link

Dr. Link throws up the Vulcan Salute, which has become somewhat of a gang sign for Dr. Link.  Photo: Elizabeth Roos

Dr. Link throws up the Vulcan Salute, which has become somewhat of a gang sign for Dr. Link.
Photo: Elizabeth Roos

To quote Lindsay Lohan’s character Cady Heron in the classic movie “Mean Girls,” “The limit does not exist.” For Dr. Jere Link, this is definitely the case. A man of many talents, Dr. Link teaches three different classes in three different departments: History, English and Latin. “It is challenging at times, he said, “Latin is the most challenging. I don’t have a degree in Latin, so at times I worry if my Latin is better than that of the class. It has definitely kept me on my toes.”

Dr. Link may not have a Latin degree, but he does have degrees in German, Comparative Literature and history, including a Ph.D in Modern European History. He had the opportunity to spend two years in Munich, Germany doing dissertation research. “I very much enjoyed my time in Munich,” he said, “The Germans have solved a lot of social and economic problems better than the Americans. I was in Germany in the 80’s. They were doing things then that we still haven’t caught up with. The Germans have learned their lesson from two world wars and become a much better people.”

Dr. Link came to Pace in 2011 after teaching at Westminster for 19 years. While at Westminster, Dr. Link taught his fellow faculty members Mr. Player and Mrs. Eden. Mrs. Eden remembers Dr. Link’s class as being “very challenging, I always had to work really hard in his class.” Dr. Link “has hardly changed at all since I had him as a teacher when I was 17,” said Mr. Player. Overall, Dr. Link has been very pleased with his move to Pace. “Pace and Westminster are very different in their approach to education. I like the fact that Pace is not tied to one religion,” he said.

In his free time, Dr. Link enjoys listening to classical music “and doing other nerdy things like that.” He also likes going to the movies, baking and hanging out with his two cats, Hebe, named after the Greek Goddess of Cocktails, and George, named for the H.A. Rey character because he is extremely curious. Dr. Link describes baking as “therapy.” “Instead of going to a psychiatrist, who we all know I desperately need, I bake,” he said, “I just feel better after I bake.” His favorite food to bake is Old French Spice Cake with currants, which he calls “comfort food, perfect for cold weather.”

When asked which famous people, dead or alive, he would invite to a party, he replied, “If I could ever clean my condominium enough to invite these people over, I would have the German poet Gotter (he is one of my idols), Barbara Stanwyck and other under-rated Hollywood stars from the Golden Era, Catherine the Great just for fun (you always need some sparkly scandal) and Nietzsche before he went insane.” Clearly, Dr. Link has no limits.






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