#3 Photo: Urban Outfitters
Photo: Urban Outfitters

As the holiday season nears, many students struggle with finding the right gifts to buy for their friends and family, especially with such little free time as exams roll around. Fortunately, this does not have to be a major cause of stress. If you know where to look, it can be easy to find fun, quirky, unique and meaningful gifts for everyone on your list. Some great websites to check out for fun gifts are Urban Outfitters, which has a convenient gift-giving section on its website, Amazon, which has thousands of options in all price ranges, and Etsy, an online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods, perfect for finding a truly unique present. But for those who do not have time to browse or need a hint to find cool, inexpensive gifts, here is a list of 10 presents under $20 for anyone on your list.
1. iPhone bullhorn speaker, $10 at C-Wonder: This is a simple but efficient speaker that any friend with an iPhone would love. It comes in a variety of colors.
2. Catch Phrase, $17.99 at Target: Everyone’s favorite fast-paced word game. Who wouldn’t want to own this great party game?
3. Animal slipper socks, $16 at Urban Outfitters: With options like fox, cat, bear or dragon, these slippers are sure to warm your friends’ toes.
4. Disposable camera, $14 at Urban Outfitters: These disposable cameras with a twist add a thematic print or background to your photos, like the ever-popular cat background.
5. Contigo water bottle, $12.99 at Target: Since Contigos are the new Camelback, buying your friends the coolest new water bottle is a sure-fire way to keep your friends happy and hydrated.
6. iPhone case starting at 20 cents at Etsy: Any price, any design, any phone. Etsy has any phone case you could dream up, and if you can’t find what you want, you can order a design-your-own from one of the artists. For all you prepsters out there, there are plenty of monogrammed options, too.
7. Divergent, $6-12 at Amazon: The best-selling book series by Veronica Roth is beloved even by people who don’t love reading. Anybody would appreciate the first book in this series to read before the movie comes out in February.
8. Giant Hershey’s Kiss, $3.28 at Walmart: Whether you are giving this half-pound chocolate to your friend with a sweet tooth or your little sibling, anyone who likes chocolate would love to receive this little piece of heaven.
9. Nike Elite socks, $10-16 at Nike: Every athlete needs a nice pair of elites, coming in a huge variety of colors for any team.
10. Sunglasses, starting at $7.99 at Target: Whether you’re looking for hipster, classic or sporty, these sunglasses come in every shape and color for everyone on your list.

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