There are many social media outlets that Pace students aren't taking advantage of. Photo: Dean Papastrat
There are many social media outlets that Pace students aren’t taking advantage of.
Photo: Dean Papastrat

With Facebook decreasing in popularity as adults flock to it, Twitter at its pinnacle with its recent IPO, and an expanse of social networking sites focusing on particular aspects of sharing, such as Vine, Instagram and Pinterest, many people are lost when it comes to which sites may offer a better experience for sharing, messaging and interacting with people over the Internet. The following sites aren’t as popular as many of the more established networks, but provide a new perspective on how the Internet can be used for connecting people to each other.

1. Path

Path is a social networking service that’s all about deeper, more intimate personal connections, not a swarm of friends. By limiting your total friends to just 200 people, it forces you to only connect with people you actually care about. If you are tired of Facebook and want a greater connection to people you know through the Internet, you should definitely sign up and see if you like Path.

2. Sgrouples

Sgrouples is a secure mashup of a cloud storage platform, group collaboration service, social network, and dashboard for your life online. The most interest interesting aspect of Sgrouples is that it syncs files between groups, which is extremely helpful for collaborative projects. If you are concerned about your security and privacy, want a better-organized experience, and frequently collaborate with groups that you desire to keep separate, Sgrouples will appeal to you.

3. Thumb

Thumb is the service to get fast opinions on things you need to make a decision about. You simply put a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on a post to help the user make a decision, and others rate your choices the same way. Thumb is great for a quick suggestion from outsiders, but don’t rely on it for anything that you really care about.

4. Medium

Medium is a site specifically designed for advanced writers and people who like editing others’ writing. If you are into writing that goes beyond the depth of a news site and allows for criticism, line-by-line, you’ll love Medium. One feature of Medium is that each post has an estimated time for how long it will take to read it.

5. Pheed

Pheed is a social network where you can share basically everything, and even make people pay for content. The multimedia that can be shared ranges from photos to videos to music, and it is presented with a beautiful user interface. However, it might become subject to the adverse effects of monetization as it grows, which is not an encouraging thought.

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