Hunter once said that he had puffins in his locker. Photo: Hayley Silverstein
Hunter once said that he had puffins in his locker.
Photo: Hayley Silverstein

Knightly News: How has senior year been so far?

Hunter Cesinger: It has actually been pretty cool so far. Mr. Gannon keeps telling us to tuck in our shirts or he will take away our off campus, but I already don’t have off campus, so it’s kind of like free reign to not tuck in my shirt.

KN: So, you have had some of the greatest student council election speeches over the years. How do you come up with them?

HC: I don’t really know. I just write them down on my computer. I guess they just come to me.

KN: What was your reaction to not winning the student body election last year?

HC: Apathy.

KN: OK. How was your trip to Italy over the summer?

HC: It was really good. There were a bunch of Italian things, I got to hang out with Donice, and I got to talk shop.

KN: What was the most memorable part of the trip?

HC: The funniest thing that happened was when we walked into the Sistine Chapel and [senior Marc] Bernstein looked up at the top and said, ‘I thought it would be bigger.’

KN: What is it like being a member of the Ultimate Frisbee Club?

HC: It’s great. We met last Friday, so you do the math for the date, and we had around ten people.

KN: How are your ultimate frisbee skills?

HC: I’m the best.

KN: Are you ready to take on the school in an ultimate frisbee tournament?

HC: I would win, no doubt. Also, we don’t call it the Ultimate Frisbee Club. Its true name is the Disc Ripping Club.

KN: I will make note of that.

HC: Disc ripping makes it sound cooler.

KN: For people who don’t know you, especially underclassmen, how would you describe yourself?

HC: I’m indescribable. I don’t really know. Eccentric, enjoyable, boisterous.

KN: Any more SAT words you want to throw in there?

HC: Probably cray-cray, curvaceous and voluptuous.

KN: What is the motto you live your life by?

HC: Never have any mottos.

KN: For you, what is the best thing since sliced bread?


KN: What’s GTA5?

HC: “Grand Theft Auto 5.” GTA5 is life.

KN: Alright. Thanks for your time.

HC: No problem.

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