OSX Mavericks is one of many new releases by Apple. Photo: Apple.com
OSX Mavericks is one of many new releases by Apple.
Photo: Apple.com

On Oct. 22, Apple released several new products aimed at consumers as well as professionals: the Mac Pro, iPad Air, OS X Mavericks, iLife ’13, iWork ’13, and the new MacBook Pro. While the MacBook Pro went through an incremental update and price drop, the event focused specifically on the iPad, Mac Pro, and new software.

The new Mac Pro, available this December, packs more power than ever before. The compact, black, cylindrical computer sports two blazing fast graphics cards that produce 7 teraflops of computing power, a next-gen processor that’s twice as fast as the previous one, up to 64 GB of RAM, a hard drive that performs at 1.2 GB/s, and a large collection of modern ports for peripherals including Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0. Overall, it’s a ridiculously powerful computer that could transform the computing experience for professionals, and with a price tag of $3000 it’s relatively affordable in the spectrum of high-level computers.

The iPad Air, debuted alongside the new iPad Mini, is the next iteration of Apple’s flagship tablet. It weighs just one pound, features the powerful A7 chip, uses speedy MIMO Wi-Fi, and has an enhanced LTE transmitter, but lacks the Touch ID technology found in the iPhone 5S.

OS X, iLife, and iWork all received updates. They all bring components of iOS to the Mac, and support the Apple ecosystem, heavily relying on iCloud. Noteworthy features include multi-user editing of documents and presentations with iWork, iCloud-synced projects with iLife, and a number of under-the-hood performance improvements with OS X Mavericks. However, the most important fact is that all of them are free; Apple is desperately trying to trap people in its ecosystem, and this is just one of many ways that they are working to ensnare unsuspecting consumers in the iCloud web.

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