The Nov. 1 deadline has passed, and most Pace seniors have already submitted early decision and early action applications to colleges. They will submit many more in the coming months as the final deadline fast approaches for most schools. This time of year creates anxiety for many seniors, who want to ensure that they are accepted into the “right” college.

In the midst of the application process, a few of Pace’s faculty members took the time to reflect on their own undergraduate experiences. As a whole, they suggested that students can receive a quality education at a wide variety of schools. “In some cases, it seems like undergraduate is a place to figure out what you want to study,” said Mr. Fleming, “If you are not selected into the most selective school, it’s not the end of the world. I think what you do in college can actually say more about success later in life.” Mr. Day, who made a last-minute change in his college plans as a high school senior, agreed: “Where you go is not important. It is what you do when you get there.”

Pace teachers attended a wide variety of colleges as undergraduates. Can you match these?

1. Mr. Assaf
2. Mr. Bradley
3. Mr. Carson
4. Mr. Day
5. Mrs. Dickherber
6. Mrs. Durlin
7. Mrs. Eden
8. Mr. Fleming
9. Mrs. Kann
10. Dr. Link
11. Mr. Matanes
12. Mr. Newman
13. Dr. Pearson
14. Mr. Sargent
15. Mr. Smith
16. Ms. Stevens
17. Mr. Whyte
18. Mrs. Wilhelmsen


a. Bowdoin College
b. Brown University
c. Dartmouth College
d. Emory University
e. Georgia Institute of Technology
f. Georgetown University
g. Guilford College
h. Johns Hopkins University
i. Princeton University
j. Swarthmore College
k. Washington and Lee University
l. Williams College
m. University of Alabama
n. University of Chicago
o. University of Georgia
p. University of Kansas
q. University of Texas
r. University of Virginia



Mr. Assaf – Johns Hopkins University
Mr. Bradley – University of Chicago
Mr. Carson – Washington & Lee University
Mr. Day – University of Georgia
Mrs. Dickherber – University of Kansas
Mrs. Durlin – Emory University
Mrs. Eden – Princeton University
Mr. Fleming – Brown University
Mrs. Kann – University of Virginia
Dr. Link – University of Texas
Mr. Matanes – Georgetown University
Mr. Newman – Guilford College
Dr. Pearson – Dartmouth College
Mr. Sargent – Georgia Institute of Technology
Mr. Smith – University of Alabama
Ms. Stevens – Swarthmore College
Mr. Whyte – Williams College
Mrs. Wilhelmsen – Bowdoin College

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