On Oct. 9, three seniors from Westminster came to Pace to give an assembly about the human rights violations in North Korea. Below are two student responses to the assembly:


Today’s assembly had a significant and profound effect on my opinions. Never before have I seen North Korea humanized, but I also perceived it to be an oppressive military state full of mindless and emotionless soldiers. I will be the first to admit my ignorance regarding the situation and circumstances of this subject; however, I believe some students perceived this presentation as lacking and essentially they did not feel moved.

Thank You,

Anthony Trinh


I thought that the North Korea assembly this morning was an interesting topic, but I don’t think they got their point across nearly as well as they could have. The first video of the man who escaped was very good at showing their hardships, but after that I thought that their efforts to inform us came out flat. If they had shown more of the video and used more media (graphic pictures and video), it could have made their point bolder and more emotional. If they were to evoke the audience’s emotions, the chances of the assembly sticking with them would be much greater. I felt that emotion during the first video, but not during the rest of the assembly.

Another thing they missed, in my opinion, was going into more depth about the social crisis there. They focused a lot on perception, which was good, but they kept urging us to think about the social crisis instead of the warfare and political problems without explaining the social crisis much.

Thank You,

Zack Kaminsky


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