Soft Serve

Soft Serve as We Used to Know It

Every Thursday used to bring excited and wide-eyed Pace students into the cafeteria for lunch, but their excitement wasn’t due to the chicken fingers being served. It was actually because of the delicious soft serve ice cream. Students who have attended Pace for a few years remember the soft serve being available every Thursday, but now this is only a distant memory.

Soft serve was available every Thursday as a dessert for years, and brought smiles to everyone at lunch. Student Council has tried many times to bring it back, but it never happens. All students have now are the various flavors served at lunch on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Of course Brown Cows and Fudge Bars are great after a tasty lunch, but fresh soft serve is like no other pre-packaged ice cream served at Pace.

Lunchtime on Thursdays could lift the spirits of any student after a dreadful Dr. K or Smith test earlier that day. If you arrived to the lunchroom as little as five minutes after lunch started, you would have to wait in the soft serve line for at least ten minutes. Waiting in a long line just to get ice cream that is not served daily may sound negative, but it made the anticipation of the swirling ice cream worth the wait. Not only is soft serve not being served, but the generic Mayfield ice cream is not being offered daily as it used to be.

These days we are lucky to have soft serve on a few rare occasions throughout the school year. After all that students have done to show that they want their favorite form of ice cream back, the time has come to be honest with ourselves and realize that it is very doubtful it will return on a weekly basis. Even though we will likely see our favorite dessert only on rare occasions, it is still always worth the wait.

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