Seniors enjoy their free time in the cellar.  Photo: Wylie Heiner
Seniors enjoy their free time in the cellar.
Photo: Wylie Heiner

Many perks come with being a senior: off campus privileges, sitting outside on the patio, and, of course, the senior cellar. Year after year the cellar is inhabited with a new class of excited seniors ready to take on a mess of challenges ahead of them. Where can one find a comfortable resting place after a long day of classes or a difficult test? Why the senior cellar of course! Full of GameCubes, Xboxes, PlayStations, and fun, the cellar offers solace to the tired seniors across campus.

What is the first thing that one notices when they walk into this year’s trailer trash-themed room? Is it the camo wall? Or the trailer fresco? Maybe it’s the bright orange hunting logo that catches one’s attention?

While you are answering these questions, why don’t you think of another question to answer: who is responsible for this mighty feat? Look no further than senior classmates Jaclyn Lund and Pate Hardison. Without the help of these two talented artists our cellar would actually be trash.

Starting early in the summer, it took them the entirety of the break to complete the room. The process is harder than it looks. It takes layer after layer of primer to cover up yet another year of paint from the previous class. One can only imagine how many different colors, layers, and secrets those walls carry. Jaclyn and Pate came up with the design and layout on their own, and combined their brain power to create a room that the seniors love.

Senior Arden Carlton thinks that the room is beautiful. “I actually like hanging out in here because it feels so welcoming,” she said. Though some are concerned with the theme of “trailer trash,” I have heard nothing but wonderful things about the room. On behalf of the entire senior class, we thank you!

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