iPhone 5S - grey, gold, and silver
iPhone 5S – grey, gold, and silver
Photo: apple.com

Apple is at it again, releasing not one but two phones that are sure to catch the eye: the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C. With over nine million phones sold, Apple has broken their previous record, making it their best-selling iPhone launch to date.

The iPhone 5C replaces the iPhone 5, sporting bright colors and a glossy plastic shell. Take a look inside and the same chipset that powers the iPhone 5 sits alongside a new steel frame that doubles as an antenna, built for the polycarbonate back. For people searching for a high quality phone at a cheaper price, the iPhone 5C is the perfect solution, at just $99. Be wary of buying this phone for the long term, however, because future iterations of iOS may run slowly on this older processor.

The iPhone 5S is Apple’s “most refined phone to date” and contains a brand new processor, camera and fingerprint sensor for Apple’s new Touch ID. The fingerprint technology works as advertised, and is very easy to use. For those suspicious of people hacking Touch ID, the only way that it has been broken so far is by lifting fingerprints off a glass surface, photographing them at a high resolution, laser printing them onto a special paper, and then putting wood glue into that paper to make a mold of a fingerprint to be used on the sensor. The processor, Apple’s A7 chip, runs a 64-bit architecture and is twice as fast as the A6 chip, which means that there is greater support for high-intensity applications. As for the camera, it uses larger pixels to capture a better quality image, and utilizes two LEDs, amber and white, to create a new flash that preserves skin tones in photos. At a price of $199, it is quite expensive, but well worth the price tag.

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