New Man of Steel Poster

Summer Blockbusters a Welcome Diversion

The new Man of Steel Poster. Photo:

The new Man of Steel Poster.

Staying in Atlanta over the summer, I had a lot of free time on my hands. To beat the heat, I frequently visited the comfy movie theaters of our thriving metropolis. This summer saw a number of excellent blockbusters hit the screen, with lots of variety in genres and good options for all types of movie lovers. “I thought ‘We’re the Millers’ was the funniest movie of the summer,” said senior Evelyn Hobbs. Junior Austin Little agreed with Evelyn’s pick, but for a different reason: “I really like Jason Sudeikis, so ‘We’re The Millers’ was my favorite movie over the summer.”  “This Is The End” was sophomore Jordan Doerr’s favorite movie of the summer, while fellow sophomore Jared Goldman’s top choice was “Man of Steel.”

Here are my personal top ten:

1. “This is The End”

2. “Man of Steel”

3. “Star Trek Into Darkness”

4. “The Wolverine”

5. “Pacific Rim”

6. “Iron Man 3”

7. “We’re the Millers”

8. “The Way, Way Back”

9. “After Earth”

10. “Now You See Me”


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