Parking and Carpool Challenges Rise

Carpool traffic begins to pile up in the morning on West Paces Ferry.

Carpool traffic begins to pile up in the morning on West Paces Ferry.
Photo: Josh Blank

The building of the new Upper School will lead to great new opportunities, but in the meantime, problems with carpool and parking have risen. Traffic has dramatically increased on W. Paces Ferry Rd. since school began. As expected, the first few days of carpool presented problems, but with this new system, these issues could remain throughout the year. “So far, carpool and parking have gone as well as expected given what we can manage. We have one thousand cars arriving in a half hour window with one entrance and one exit. Hopefully, the problems will work themselves out,” said Head of Upper School Mr. Gannon. It will be vital for students and parents to be patient and follow the new route for the system to work.

With so many people driving to school, school administrators are encouraging students to look at alternative ways to get to Pace. Options like carpooling, parking at friends’ houses, walking and taking the shuttle from St. Anne’s will help traffic flow. Half of the junior class can park on campus first semester, with the other half parking second semester. Juniors are annoyed at not being able to park year-round, but they are finding new ways to get to school. “I park at a friend’s house close to Pace and walk to school,” said junior Scott Eisenberg.

All seniors are able to park on campus, but getting into parking spots can be difficult with carpool. “I hate how we have to wait in the carpool line for a parking spot in the middle. The only pro is it gives me more listening time for the Backstreet Boys,” said senior Anshuman Parikh. Getting in and out of parking spots is a challenge and students run the risk of hitting other cars or people. “I get really scared that people are going to get hurt when the seniors and juniors back out,” said sophomore Lindsey Sample.

“Overall, everyone is doing well with carpool and, hopefully, as the year goes on, carpool and parking will get better. Everyone should have a positive attitude,” said senior Evelyn Hobbs. With a positive attitude and cooperation, the Pace community can drive right past these issues.

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