Pages has a totally new look in the browser beta.
Pages has a totally new look in the browser beta.

In the near future, Apple will release a new form of iWork that works directly in your browser. With this addition, users will be able to edit and sync presentations, documents and spreadsheets between all of their devices, including their Mac, iPhone and iPad. This service will rival Google’s cloud platform, Google Drive, and is extremely easy to use. After testing, it seems to be relatively reliable and much more feature intensive than other web-based document editing tools. There are some things, however, that set Google Docs and Apple’s new iWork in iCloud apart.

  1. Google Docs supports multiple-user editing. This is a tremendous feature for collaboration and well-loved by teachers and corporations alike. Apple’s system doesn’t allow for this yet, which can lead to syncing conflicts.
  2. iCloud is built-in to their reliable iOS and OS X iWork apps, which makes it extremely easy to use. Google Docs, on the other hand, doesn’t have a native editor for desktops or laptops and its mobile apps are flimsy.
  3. While both are free, Apple only gives you 5GB of storage whereas Google gives you 15GB. Beyond the free limit, Apple’s prices continue to be more expensive.
  4. Google Drive also allows the hosting of other files, whereas Apple limits you to Pages, Keynote and Numbers files.

You decide which one you like best when the new iWork for iCloud gets released this fall, and let us know in the comments below!

by Dean Papastrat

Photo: Dean Papastrat

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