OS X Mavericks' new background on Apple's famous Macbook Pro. Photo: http://assets.gearlive.com/blogimages
OS X Mavericks’ new background on Apple’s famous Macbook Pro.
Photo: http://assets.gearlive.com/blogimages

Apple’s flagship OS got a new update this year, as the company ditched the big cats for California locales. The update brings many new features, including maps, a new calendar, a new file tagging system, longer battery life, and improved performance, but there are a few that particularly pertain to Pace students and faculty:

  • iBooks on Your Mac

If you’ve purchased a digital book or textbook from the iBookstore, you can finally view it on your Mac. This a huge step forward for both publishers and schools, because students can finally view their content directly on a laptop or desktop.

  • Full Support for Multiple Displays

If you use a second screen with your Mac, you’ve probably been frustrated by the way fullscreen apps work, with your second screen displaying a grey background and becoming completely unusable. However, with Mavericks, each display has its own dock and menu bar. This addition will make multitasking much easier for power users.

  • iCloud Keychain

Do you have problems remembering your passwords? This new feature can create and save passwords for you with industry-standard 256-bit encryption technology, then sync them across all of your Apple products, including your iPad, iPhone and Mac.

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