The Academic Village

Academic Village Ready for Barrage of Students

The Academic Village

The Academic Village officially opens its doors to teachers for preplanning this Wednesday, August 7.

While taking a stroll through the Academic Village, one may wonder why Pace decided to build an entirely new Upper School. The Village presents vast improvements over the old academic building, and from all accounts will create an ideal learning environment for teachers and students alike.

Students will enjoy several features of the new trailers, especially the individual room thermostats that actually work  – no more Snuggies in Ms. Smith’s class! The time of student traffic jams is over, as the spacious hallways provide quick and easy means of commuting from class to class. The bathrooms all have working stalls and are squeaky clean. If someone requires crutches or a wheelchair, they will no longer have to face the treacherous stairs, as the entire Village is handicapped-accessible.

Aside from these various improvements, students also have a great new outdoor space to enjoy between the buildings. This greenspace will complement new study rooms (quiet and group) and larger computer labs to give students multiple places to work.

While enjoying many of the new aspects of the Village, teachers also have other things to look forward to. The science classrooms, outfitted with new eye wash stations, immediately grab the eye upon entry. The new teacher workrooms provide a great space for work and collaboration, while larger classrooms make it easier to teach. Whiteboards and cork boards dot the walls, giving teachers a huge amount of space for writing down notes or allowing students to practice together.

Whether you are a teacher, student, or administrator, the Academic Village should be a great success for the 2013-2014 school year, and a preview of what’s coming in the new Upper School, opening next year. Check out the gallery below for some more photos.

by Dean Papastrat, Web/Tech Editor ’15

Photos: Dean Papastrat

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