Ms. Anderson poses with textbooks that will be used in her Global Issues class this fall.
Ms. Anderson poses with textbooks that will be used in her Global Issues class this fall.

The 2013-2014 school year is guaranteed to be one filled with excitement. Attending school in the “Academic Village” on the lower field, a new senior class reigning supreme over Pace, and new courses in the curriculum are only a few items to look forward to. Global Issues, a “hands-on” course for juniors and seniors of Ms. Anderson’s (dean of the Class of 2015, director of Service Learning, director of Global Education, and history teacher) own design is sure to be thought provoking. Ms. Anderson said, “The course is designed to get students thinking about global issues, such as what it means to do development around the world, the population explosion, the food and water crisis, the issue of energy, global warming, and the war on terror and much more.” Ms. Anderson plans on the class taking exciting field trips around Atlanta as well as watching eye-opening documentaries and reading articles not only about current events but also about issues from the past. “As a history course, we will look at how these issues have developed and become prominent crises over the past few years. My goal for this class is to help this next generation come up with ways to deal with issues that are going to be impossible not to deal with in the future. I want all of my students to make a positive impact on the world as global citizens.”


After numerous requests by Pace students, AP Economics is finally going to be offered next school year. Adviser to Knight Capital (Pace’s investment club) Mr. Newman will be teaching the class. The first semester will focus on microeconomics and the second semester on macroeconomics. According to economics virtuoso Mr. Newman, “As in any economics class the second semester will be easier because there will be some overlap in material and the students will be more used to the subject matter.” Mr. Newman added, “I want my students to get what they want out of the class. I know that many of them are interested in business school; I hope to give the basic foundation of economics to help them in the future. The grade on the AP exam is trivial.”


By Elizabeth Roos, Social Media ’14

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Roos

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