Senior Sajat Rabbani enjoys the view from the London Eye
Senior Sajat Rabbani enjoys the view from the London Eye

The goal of the Global Education program is to give Pace students the opportunity to take part in unique and inspiring trips with their peers and their teachers as they travel across the globe. The trips either involve an outdoor adventure, service, arts, or academic focus to give students the opportunity to take part in something they might not do otherwise. This June and July, almost 50 Pace students will go on one of these trips to either Russia, Spain, Cambridge, or Italy.


The Russia trip, led by Ms. Smith and Mr. Sargent, will start in Moscow and then move to St. Petersburg. They will visit historic sites such as St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Winter Palace. Anyone who knows Ms. Smith knows how hard she has worked to make this trip happen. From forcing sophomore Mark Grenader to speak in Russian in order to book the correct number of nights at a Russian hotel to filling out innumerable forms in order to make sure every student was allowed into the country, her efforts have been evident. Sophomore Patrick Moore said, “[This trip] seemed the most interesting to me. I’m most excited about seeing the Red Square… My parents were OK sending me on this trip because they knew Ms. Smith would protect me.”


Ms. Riley and Ms. Bazzel are leading the trip to Spain. They will go to Madrid and to Grenada, but the highlight of this trip is the language immersion program. Students on this trip will stay for five days in the homes of Spanish families, exploring the city and Spanish culture from this unique perspective. Two Pace students will stay in each family’s home. Sophomores Natalie Marcrum and Morgan Baker said they are most excited for the beach, meeting the families, and shopping. Morgan said, “I chose this trip because I love Español, and I love beans and rice, so it was perfect for me.”


Ms. Goodrich, Mr. Bloodworth, and Mrs. Kann are taking students on the Italy trip this summer. Their goal is to focus on the ancient arts, Latin history, and the literature present in Italy. The trip will be centered mostly in Rome but also in Milan and Florence. Ms. Goodrich said, “I’ve been to Italy before but never to Milan, so I’m looking forward to exploring a new city and to learning from Mr. Bloodworth, Mrs. Kann and our other guides. I’m super excited about getting to know the students better! We have a great group!”


The fourth Global Ed trip of the summer is to Cambridge, led by Mr. Hornor and Nick and Lisa Hoffman, the parents of sophomore Anna Hoffman and alum John Hoffman. The purpose of this trip is to introduce students to finance though lectures and lessons from Cambridge professors. Cambridge has become a perennial favorite Global Ed trip for Pace. The most famous part of the Cambridge trip is the traditional croquet outing.


Ms. Smith summed up why she thinks Global Ed, and specifically her Russia trip, is so great: “If we travel to learn and to experience, especially if we go not to judge and compare, we can see so much about what people’s lives are like. Just being in another country, even though we are tourists, gives us another lens through which we can look at our world.”


By Julia Beck, Staff Writer ’15

Photo Credit: Tim Hornor

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