Beyonce takes her place at the front of chorus class
Beyonce met with members of the Pace chorus. They bonded while singing “Halo.”

Pace Academy bids a tearful farewell to Ms. Beth Barrow-Titus, who is retiring from Pace after 17 years as chorus director. There is no doubt that Ms. Barrow-Titus will be missed by the Pace community. Sophomore Caillin Cooke said, “BBT has helped me to become a better singer and develop my passion for singing and musical theater. I don’t know how the Pace Academy chorus will survive without her.”

Amid the retirement celebrations, Ms. Barrow-Titus took time to announce on April 3 that her replacement will be none other than pop diva Beyonce Knowles. “I think that Beyonce has a beautiful voice and has a lot to teach our students about performing,” said Ms. Barrow-Titus, “With Ms. Knowles as chorus director, the chorus is bound for greatness. Who knows, maybe next year, the Pace Academy chorus will be performing at the half time show at Super Bowl XLVIII!”

The students were utterly flabbergasted when they heard that a world renowned celebrity is going to be their new chorus teacher. Junior Sam Downey said, “I knew that BBT would find us a well qualified replacement, but I never would have thought in a thousand years that Beyonce would be it. I’m really looking forward to her teaching me the ‘Single Ladies’ dance.” Sophomore Annie Butler said, “Beyonce is my idol! I cannot wait to get to work with her.” “Holy cow! Beyonce is going to be the new chorus director!” said senior Megan McCurry, “I can’t wait to come back and watch the chorus perform under the direction of a global superstar.”

When asked why she wanted to take the job at Pace, Beyonce said, “I just really wanted to slow down a little bit. I’m worn out from such extensive travel and my rigorous performance schedule. Now that I have Blue Ivy, I really just want to settle down and focus on my motherly duties and the education of future generations. Maybe one day my baby girl will be a Pace Knight.”

By Elizabeth Roos, Social Media ’14

Photo: Cory Bush and Dean Papastrat

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