Sophomores Annie Butler and Laura Rosenbaum prepare to be amazed by Uncle Maddio's pizza.
Sophomores Annie Butler and Laura Rosenbaum prepare to be amazed by Uncle Maddio’s pizza.

Let’s be honest, Pace Academy. Even Willy’s delicious burritos, after eating there for the 584th time, can get old. Looking for something new? Try Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint, recently opened on the corner of Roswell Rd. and Powers Ferry. Uncle Maddio’s is a make-your-own pizza place with a set-up similar to Willy’s, so no Pace student has to stray too far from his or her comfort zone.

Uncle Maddio’s is a pizza franchise that prides itself on its motto, “fast, fresh, and affordable.” As soon as I walked in, I was surprised not only by all the choices (who knew there were so many ways to make pizza?) but also by the many side notes about “hormone-free chicken” or “delivered fresh daily organic spinach.” As seen on its menu, Uncle Maddio’s promotes having healthy and fresh food options. The menu has everything from buffalo chicken, to veggie, to Jamaican jerk pizza, as well as salads and paninis. Besides pre-made menu options, diners may also choose to build their own pizza. Picking from white, wheat, and gluten-free dough; six different sauces; and over 45 toppings; this option makes decisions even harder than trying to pick one of Maddio’s signature pizzas.

After going to Uncle Maddio’s multiple times, I’ve found a few favorites on the menu. Maddio’s Greek pizza, a play on a traditional Greek salad, is loaded with a mix of feta cheese, spinach, and various veggies. Another delicious dish is their BBQ pizza, a traditional pizza covered in chicken, corn and bacon. My last recommendation is more simple than the first two: Uncle Maddio’s classic breadsticks. These are essentially their original pizza crust cooked and seasoned to perfection. You just can’t go wrong with the perfect carb.

After ordering, I took my number and sat down in a booth. The theory is that your food will come within six minutes of sitting down at your table, which proved to be a promise Uncle Maddio’s was able to keep using their “fast bake oven.” Now, I know what you’re thinking: a restaurant this cool must cost way too much for you to afford, right? Well, have no fear. Everything on Uncle Maddio’s menu costs less than 10 dollars per person, so everyone can afford to indulge their taste for pizza as much as they want.

In the end, Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint successfully fulfills its goal of “fast, fresh, and affordable.” The atmosphere is cute, fun, and modern with writing and murals on the walls and its slogan, “served with love,” displayed everywhere. I have never been to Uncle Maddio’s without seeing another Pace student there, so Uncle Maddio’s is already on the rise as a Pace Academy favorite.

By Julia Beck, Staff Writer ’15
Photo Credit: Julia Beck

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