Juniors Start College Process

Junior Harrison Halberg is baffled.

Junior Harrison Halberg is baffled.

As Pace students finish the first half of second semester, the juniors have just begun to enter the long college process. The college hall is hustling to make sure that each and every junior, their parents, and dog are squeezed into their busy meeting schedules. Mr. Bradley, Mrs. Secor, and the most recent addition, Ms. Nuckolls, have each gained over thirty students to usher into the next stage of their lives. How are these students handling this overwhelming time? Some better than others is definitely for sure. The unparalleled anxiety that accompanies their excitement can only be described in one word: scary. Ms. Nuckolls said that one of her students has already been in her office multiple times, fretting about the future of her life. Hunter Cesinger says it perfectly: “It is a process and it is happening no matter what.” Wilson Crisler said, “It is nerve racking but I cannot wait to start. I hope Harvard isn’t too mad that they’re my back-up.” John Morrison agreed with the others when he said, “I am not too worried, I’m just gonna do my thang.” While these students sound confident about beginning their college process, others can hardly glance down the college hall without a feeling of nausea. Emilia Tripodi was at a loss for words when asked about the college process, while Maddie Wanzer practically fainted with her cookie still in hand.

Should the juniors be scared? Should they be shaking in their boots with fear quivering through every limb of their bodies? Mrs. Meyring is able to supply juniors with some comforting information: “I totally support Mr. Bradley’s theory that they should not be scared. They will get into college and get into one that they like. If they do not get into their top choice, our research shows that they end up happy where they are. Ninety percent of the time they get into a college where they want to go, and 75% of the time they get into their number one choice.” Juniors have a long road ahead of them to get to the promised land of college, and that road will be paved with the help of the college counselors who are here to make sure that no one is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

By Wylie Heiner, Opinion Editor ’14


Photo Credit: Wylie Heiner

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